Today I present to you our new Thursday Feature: DIY Thursday….

  • September 08, 2011

Today I present to you our new Thursday Feature: DIY Thursday. Each week I’ll round up fun, inspirational DIY projects to get your creative juices moving and you excited for the weekend.

Seems like these days there’s an Ikea everywhere, but, thankfully, there’s also Ikea Hackers. Browsing around this week, I saw this great project to spice up your walls by creating backlit wall frames.

If that’s a little too involved for you— or your walls are blank and you don’t have any picture frames (backlit or otherwise!)— you could take a page out of designer Guilherme Torres’ book. He added unique arcade wall graphics to his white walls. If you want to get the same look, you can get your own space invaders wall decals.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more girly? Or, as Fall starts, you’re still not ready to say goodbye to gardening and flowers? If that’s the case here are some pretty purple tulips!

If these projects seem a little too involved, you could always just do your nails. There’s the always fun and easy half-moon manicure. Or you could use your nail polish to fight rust. Ha!

So, which project do you think you’re going to tackle?


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