Small Kitchen Solutions

  • July 06, 2015

Is your kitchen lacking in the space department? These storage solutions will help keep your kitchen organized, clean and looking fresh!


Are your spices taking up too much space in your cupboard? Why not create this magnetic spice rack that will free up tons of storage space and will create a fun surprise when you open the cupboard!


pocket organizer1When you’re looking under your sink, you probably don’t have much organization down there… (Out of sight out of mind, right?). By using a shoe organizer for under the sink storage, you will be able to free keep things off the ground and be able to find things much easier!


DSC_0849Another great option for inner cabinet door storage is by rolling out some cork board and adding a few lightweight hooks. Here you can hang measuring cups/spoons, your favorite recipes and even pictures. This allows for easy access to items that you hate digging around for.


baking-sheet-organizationWho else has all their baking sheets piled on top of each other on a bottom cupboard. I know I certainly do! Two Twenty One uses an office paper sorter that allows for plenty of storage for tons of baking sheets!



Is a knife block taking up precious counter space? Then create your own Rustic Knife Wall Rack! This project will allow for an easy solution to knife storage and looks pretty cool at the same time!



A peg board can be used in any room of your house—including your kitchen! Apartment Therapy offers a step-by-step guide on how to execute this space saving project in an afternoon!



Another option for inner cabinet door storage is to use a chalkboard decal, chalk and some easy to hang hooks! This clever DIYer listed all the measuring equivalents to make baking THAT much easier! If you’re not much of a baker, write any important information that is relevant to you and your cooking habits.


We hope that these storage saving solutions will inspire you to clean and organize your kitchen this week! It’s always more enjoyable to cook in a sleek, organized space!




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