Fun Ways to Display Your Collections

  • April 06, 2016

Decorating with your collections is a great way to fill your home with the things you love, but how can you display them without your space becoming cluttered? We’ve put together some of our top pics of fun ways to display your collections.


Colored Pencil Display

Make your art supplies into a work of art of their own!

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Collection Display

Display your collection all together to keep it from looking cluttered.

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Displaying Your Collection

Short on space? Take a photo of your collection and display that instead!

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Displaying a Glass Collection

Arrange your collection by color for an eye-catching effect.

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Mug Display

Pegboard gives you flexibility to change the display as your collection grows.

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Displaying Ticket Stubs

Store your collection of small items such as shells, marbles, or movie stubs in a pretty jar.

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Camera Collection Display

Storing your collection on floating shelves gives it a clean, minimalistic look.

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Now is the time to organize your favorite collections and put them on display for all to see!


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