Friday DIY Finds – Copper // Gold’s Younger Sister

  • March 06, 2015

Cooper is so diverse! It can be used to bring glamour and warmth to any home. You don’t need to purchase actual copper to incorporate this luxurious color in your home design! You can easily add some copper to your life with Cooper Spray Paint! Here are few DIY projects that you can do with a can of spray paint and things lying around your house or at the thrift store!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

1. If you have a small space that you don’t want to clutter, ‘skeleton’ lamps are a perfect solution! VintageRevivals provides a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own Copper Wire Pendants!

2. Vases can be found EVERYWHERE, probably including the back of your closet. Why not dig them out and try this easy DIY Copper Dipped Vase tutorial via HomeyOhMy.

3. Succulents are a great substitute for other  plants, since they are so low maintenance! ThePleatedPoppy offers an easy to follow tutorial which will help you create the perfect centerpiece for any occasion.

4. Who would have thought how sophisticated alphabet magnets could look once they’ve been painted Copper! KojoDesigns  will inspire you to create your very own set for your fridge.

5.  Have you stumbled upon a lamp but you’re not too fond of the color? Simply paint it with Copper Spray Paint and it will become a rich accent piece in any room via PenniesForFortune!

6. You can’t go wrong with adding a mirror to a space! This DIY Copper Edged Mirror from MakersSocitety, will take a cheap round mirror into a stunning work of wall art.


We hope that these DIY projects have inspired you for the weekend! We can’t wait to get our hands on some Copper Spray Paint and start creating! 



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