Weekend DIY Ideas and More Using Removable Wallpaper

  • July 18, 2014

With our line of Removable Wallpaper back and better than ever at Wallums, we’re drawing design inspiration from some very clever DIY projects that you can do this weekend!

Wallpaper on Light Switches

Unique Light Switches
photo from MarthaStewart.com

Light switches are in every room of the house, so why not make them stand out a bit! Using wallpaper cut perfectly to size and placed over light switches, your eyes will thank you late at night when they need to find the switch and are drawn to the colorful designs.

Stylish clipboards using wallpaper

Stylish Clipboards
photo from Style Me Pretty Living

Clip boards aren’t just for sideline coaches and doctors offices anymore. They make for great office organization too! Change them up with wallpaper and hang them above your desk for some pretty wall decor.

DIY Framed Wallpaper Artwork

DIY Wallpaper Art Collage
photo and tutorial by The Gold Jelly Bean

Have a bunch of miscellaneous picture frames lying around? Create a cohesive art collage using wallpaper! Insert sections of wallpaper into empty frames for a one of a kind art display.

Ikea Wallpapered Lamp Shade

Wallpaper Lamp Shade
photo by Funkytime

Gotta love Ikea, but if you can’t find a lamp shade that suites your design needs, create your own! Change up their plain white lamp shades by removing the material and then covering it with wallpaper!

Lampshade makeover with wallpaper

Ikea Lampshade Makeover
photo by Brave New Home

Simple to do, take a look at the step by step instructions from Brave New World who created these bedside lamp shades.

Wallpaper headboard in Master Bedroom

Brightly Colored Wallpapers
photo by Trent Bailey

And let’s not forget bedrooms in this DIY category! Headboards are a perfect item to spice up with fun wallpapers. Using a giant canvas as the headboard, this colorful yellow lattice wallpaper ties together all the colors in this master bedroom.

Green Bird Wallpaper Headboard

Beautiful Headboards
photo by BH&G

Decorative pillows and throws shouldn’t be the only items with patterns and designs. Since our beds draw the most attention in the bedroom, their headboards should be just as eye catching! This green and white bird themed wallpaper adds just the right amount of pattern without overpowering the lovely bedding.

Wallpaper Headboard Panels

Unique Headboard Ideas
photo by BH&G

If the idea of covering an entire wall in wallpaper scares you, why not try wallpapered panels! Using panels or plywood, add contrasting wallpaper designs to them to to give your wall plenty of color without making your eyes lost in one pattern.

DIY Fox wallpaper dresser

Ordinary Dresser With Character
photo by Spoon Flower Blog

Because I am not a big fan of painting furniture, the idea of applying removable wallpaper to a piece to make it look like a million bucks for only dollars sounds like an excellent alternative! This DIY project didn’t just apply the adorable fox wallpaper to the front of the drawers, but added some to the sides as well to make the dresser stand out from all angels of the room!

Wallpapered dresser drawers

Wallpaper Surprise Drawers
photo by Bright & Bold Design

Leaving your dresser drawers open and exposed never looked so good! By adding wallpaper to the inside lining of drawers, no one will even notice your clothes hanging out or miscellaneous items scattered everywhere because they’ll be too interested in the pretty wallpaper designs!

Unique Shelves Using Wallpaper

Unique Wallpaper Shelf
photo from House to Home

While adding decorative items on top of shelves and cabinets can make the furniture item stand out, sticking wallpaper to it will enhance it even more! Shown here in alternating wallpaper designs, this bookshelf is anything but boring.

Closet Makeover Using Wallpaper

Closet Makeover
photo by One Kings Lane

Open up a cabinet or closet and discover wallpaper magic! This DIY closet makeover incorporates new paint, wallpaper, and fun decorative trim to make this closet pop with color!

Exposed Kitchen Cabinets With Wallpaper

Lining Cabinets With Wallpaper
photo by BH&G

If you have exposed kitchen cabinets, try wallpaper behind your dishes to make them stand out even more!

Pantry with wallpapered walls

Fancy Pantries
photo by Good Housekeeping

Kitchen pantries are even getting fancier these days, proving that no room in your home should go unnoticed.

DIY Fridge covered in wallpaper

Stainless Steal Fridge Turned Awesome!
photo by Aunt Peaches

How many of us have a refrigerator that is a kitchen eye soar? Yup, a lot of us do! Say good-bye to that plain white or scratched stainless steal fridge, and hello to retro awesomeness!

Stylish Wallpaper Table

Table Decor
photo by Style At Home

A clever idea that you can change up year round, adding wallpaper to a table top will compliment any special dinner event.

Stair risers with wallpaper

Colorful Stair Risers
photo by The Bold Adobe

A part of the home that gets overlooked often when it comes to unique design are staircases. Create a vertical centerpiece like these wallpaper covered stair risers in your home!

Staircase Wallpaper Makeover

Spiced Up Staircase
photo by Houzz

If you have a child learning to count, label each wallpapered stair with a number so they can count how many steps it takes up to their bedroom!

Many ideas to try using wallpaper, and what easier way than with our new line of Removable Wallpaper. Happy DIYing this weekend everyone!