Friday Finds – Cute Cacti

  • June 17, 2016

Maybe cute isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of cacti, but we are here to change your mind! Here are some cute cacti themed items that are sure to add some not-so-prickly cuteness to your home. :) 

cacti collage

  1. This cacti wall decal from is an adorable way to add Summer vibes to your wall. Perfect for renters because this decal can be re-positioned or taken off the wall and saved for later without any damage!
  2. We are OBSESSED with this cactus marquee by Mojave Moon Design. How cool would this look above a bar cart?
  3. Welcome your guests in style with the fun doormat from Nickel Designs Shop.
  4. Have you ever wanted to snuggle with a cactus? We hope not… but now you can safely with this watercolor cacti pillow from Society6.

These cacti finds are even easier to take care of than a real cactus! Happy Friday everyone! 😉


Hospital Decorating Ideas

  • May 26, 2016

Hospitals and doctor’s offices can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to interior decorating, but just a few simple design changes can make a huge impact. A well designed space can help ease the nerves of anxious patients while boosting the mood of the staff. Vinyl decals are a great way to decorate in hospitals because there are infinite designs available, they can be applied to walls without damage, and easily cleaned. Here are some hospital decorating ideas to inspire you to add some personality to your hospital, doctor’s office or waiting room.

Waiting Room Decor

This waiting room looks like an urban hotel lobby with its modern furniture and bright walls. Simply swapping out tired old chairs can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of your waiting room.

Via Censational Girl

Chalkboard Decals

Add a chalkboard wall decal to your waiting room to keep the little ones entertained.


Hospital Decorating

Bright colors, stars and poetry bring vibrancy to this hospital hallway.

Via Mel at Kio

Pediatrician's Office Decorating

Placing the scale on a changing table with a delicate mobile hanging above helps babies feel comfortable while at this pediatrician’s office.

Via Sherri Cassara Designs

Pediatrician's Office Decor

Create a colorful gallery wall using the artwork of your patients. The kids will love to see their creations on display!

Via Cadre Photo

Pediatric Dentist Office Decorating

This pediatrician’s office if full of vibrant, kid-friendly design ideas.

Via Project Denneler

Tree Wall Decal

Apply a playful tree decal to the wall for some added fun. These decals can be applied to any flat surface, including windows and mirrors!


Hospital Lobby Decorating

Whimsical flowers bring this hospital hallway from boring to beautiful.

Via Robarts Spaces

We hope these decorating ideas give you some design inspiration for your hospital or doctor’s office. :)


Church Decor Inspiration

  • May 04, 2016

Church is wonderful place where people of faith come together, so why not make the most of your meeting space by giving your church some design style. Having a beautiful church facility will make all who enter your feel comfortable and welcomed. Here is some church decor inspiration to get your design ideas flowing.

Inspirational Quotes Decal

Religious and spiritual quotes are a great way to decorate any wall in your church. Try an inspirational Bible verse on a classroom wall, hallway or above a door.

Wooden Welcome Sign

This welcome sign would look great above a visitor desk or entrance door.

Church Accent Wall

Think outside the box when it comes to wall art. This beautiful wall installation features threaded nails, vinyl, and acrylic.

World Wall Decals

world map decal is a great way to show the locations of foreign missionaries serving around the world.

 Church Lobby Decor

Warm tones with rustic elements give this church lobby an inviting feel.

Coffee Bar

Spruce-up your coffee bar with a chalkboard wall and rustic floating shelves.

Children's Church Decor

Brighten up the children’s ministry check-in desk with a large logo and fun color on the wall.

Animal Decals for Children's Church

Animal wall decals are a great way to decorate the nursery or children’s play area.

Have fun beautifying your church!


Saint Patrick’s Day Decals

  • March 17, 2015

Here at Wallums we offer several different Saint Patrick’s Day decals to bring you and your family the ‘luck of the Irish’. 2015-03-17 11-03-05

If you are proud of your Irish heritage and would like to display your birthright all year round, why not place our Shamrock Circle Wall Decal  in your home! 2015-03-17 11-00-40

Our Shamrock Printed Wall Decal can be used to create a field of clovers on your wall! The great thing about our printed wall decals is that they are made of a finely woven fabric that is repositionable and re-usable! This will allow you to add a bit of Saint Patrick’s flair for the month of March and then you can take them down to save for later!


 Our Large Shamrock Wall Decal is a great addition to any space! This lucky symbol adds a nice pop of color and a little bit of luck to any room!

Don’t forget, we are currently offering 17% off store-wide by using the coupon code: LUCKY17. Don’t miss out on this St. Patrick’s Day savings!

We hope you all have a lucky day!



Installing a Tree Wall Decal using Center Hinge Method

  • January 19, 2015

Some of the most popular items that leave our shop are our line of Tree Decals. Perfect for nurseries, living rooms, or bedrooms they add a unique touch to any room’s decor and instantly catch the eye of all who enters.

Our latest video demonstration describes the steps for installing a multiple piece tree decal, or any multiple piece decal for that matter using our center hinge method again.

Although not hard to do, multiple piece decals and trees can require more time to get all of the pieces installed. Because all of the leaves are placed by hand, it allows for your design to be entirely unique to your creativity. So grab a friend for help and have fun with your new project!

Take a look!


Printed Wall Decal Installation – Peel and Stick!

  • January 15, 2015

Here at Wallums we specialize in both vinyl decals and printed decals. Printed decals are designs that are printed onto ultra premium finely woven fabric material rather than being cut from sheets of vinyl, and are very easy to install!

Today’s video demonstration shows you just how simple they are to apply and remove. Because the material is very forgiving and manageable, it can be removed and replaced several times making it ideal for those who worry about making a mistake, or who would like to save the design and store it away for a later time.

Take a look!


Wall Decal Installation Using Center Hinge Method

  • January 13, 2015

     Whether you are new to installing wall decals or a pro, this step by step Center Hinge Method video demonstration will have you feeling confident to tackle any decal project!

     We’re frequently asked “How easy is it to install a decal?” The answer is “pretty darn easy”, but just like any other DIY project, the bigger you go the more time, steps, and extra hands can be required.

After years of experience, Wallums owners Michelle and Steve here could probably do this in their sleep! But after your first try, you’ll be pretty impressed how much you learn and remember for the next time around. Although mistakes can happen, by watching this video or by carefully reading your installation instructions pageyou will significantly reduce the likelihood of an amateur move.

Thanks for watching, and if you have any questions be sure to send them to!


Throw Back Thursday with The Small Things Blog

  • August 21, 2014

Nothing like a good old Throw Back Thursday post! Looking back at one of our favorite blogger reviews, Kate from The Small Things Blog did an amazing review and giveaway for Wallums that will make anyone excited and inspired to want to try wall decals!

Kate from The Small Things Blog's front door | Wallums Wall Decor Blog

Kate’s Front Door

First, enter her home through her very welcoming front door with none other than our Hello Door Decal on it! White against black is always a design favorite of ours.

Modern office art using wall decals | The Small Things Blog:  Wallums Giveaway

Kate’s Office Art

Next, take a look around her then new office, and gaze upon her white Starburst Wall Decal. Sticking with the white and black color scheme, even the simplest of designs on a wall can make a big impact to a room.

The Small Things Blog:  office makeover with Starburst wall decal

Starbust Wall Decal

Compliment the wall decor with a splash of color to stand out against it like her vase of flowers and black shelving.

Starburst Wall Decal by Wallums | The Small Things Blog

Wall Art That Stands Out

Encouraging Verbs Decal in this office makeover by The Small Things Blog

Encouraging Verbs Decal

My favorite part of this room makeover, her Encouraging Verbs Wall! Who wouldn’t want to spend all day working in this space? Kate has such an eye for interior design that it looks like a page right out of Pottery Barn Magazine!

Office Makeover With Wall Decals | The Small Things Blog

Kate’s New Office

This cool and collective room even gravitates animals to it! (Kate’s a big time cat lover)

A very encouraging wall! Wallums wall decals on The Small Things Blog!

A Very Encouraging Wall!

We can’t thank Kate enough for her beautiful work with our wall decals. If you aren’t following her blog yet,  get on it! There’s always good style and design content on there.

Happy TBT everyone, and we hope this will give you all a little design inspiration for your next Wallums project!


Trending Wall Decor With Geometric Shapes

  • August 08, 2014

One things for sure lately, geometric shapes are definitely trending! What better way to break up those dull square shaped walls than by throwing in a little triangle action! From baby nurseries to dorm rooms and dining areas, no room is off limits when it comes to a geometric takeover!

These triangle and harlequin wall decor ideas and decals will be sure to give you some design inspiration for your next DIY home makeover project.  And now that we’ve turned triangles on your radar, you’ll start noticing them more from now on!

Geometric Wall Hanging | Design Sponge

Geometric Wall Hanging
photo by Design Sponge

Triangles Removable Wallpaper Tile | Wallums

Triangles Removable Wallpaper Tile by Wallums

Modern Geometric Nursery With Triangles | Apartment Therapy

Modern Geometric Nursery
photo by Apartment Therapy

Kids Room or Nursery With Removable Triangles Wall Stickers| Wallums

Triangles Wall Decal by Wallums

Girly Nursery With Geometric Patterned Wall Decor | Apartment Therapy

Graphic Girly Nursery
photo by Apartment Therapy

Triangle Takeover | Miluccia Blog

Triangle Takeover
photo by Miluccia

Wall Decor With Triangles | Wallums Wall Decor

Tri -Triangles Wall Decal by Wallums

Orange and Gold Triangle Wall Decor | A Ruffled Life

Orange and Gold Triangle Wall Decor
photo by A Ruffled Life

Geometric Inspired Wall Decor | Wallums

Tri-Triangles Wall Decal by Wallums

Large Double Diamond Wall | DigsDigs

Double Diamond
photo by DigsDigs

Bathroom Wall Decor Idea | Double Diamond Decal

Double Diamond Decal by Wallums

Light Green Harlequin Wall Decor By Wallums

Harlequin Diamonds Wall Decal by Wallums

Large Triangles On Wall | DigsDigs

Large Triangles On Wall
photo by DigsDigs

Geometric Triangle Trio Wall Decal | Wallums

Triangle Trio Wall Decal by Wallums

Stacked Triangles Wall Decal By Wallums

Stacked Triangles Wall Decal by Wallums


Freebie Friday Giveaway 4/18!

  • April 18, 2014

Today we will be giving away a 23″ Holga Camera Printed Decal to one lucky Wallums Fan!!! 

To enter for a chance to win go to

“LIKE” and “COMMENT”  on the post.

Winner will be announced via Facebook on Monday!


Unlike our solid standard vinyl decals, Wallums printed wall decals are made from ultra premium finely woven fabric that is repositionable. Perfect for renters, apartment, dorm rooms, classrooms and holidays. Our printed wall decals can last for years but are easily removable when you move or decide to change it up.