Installing a Tree Wall Decal using Center Hinge Method

  • January 19, 2015

Some of the most popular items that leave our shop are our line of Tree Decals. Perfect for nurseries, living rooms, or bedrooms they add a unique touch to any room’s decor and instantly catch the eye of all who enters.

Our latest video demonstration describes the steps for installing a multiple piece tree decal, or any multiple piece decal for that matter using our center hinge method again.

Although not hard to do, multiple piece decals and trees can require more time to get all of the pieces installed. Because all of the leaves are placed by hand, it allows for your design to be entirely unique to your creativity. So grab a friend for help and have fun with your new project!

Take a look!


Wall Decal Installation Using Center Hinge Method

  • January 13, 2015

     Whether you are new to installing wall decals or a pro, this step by step Center Hinge Method video demonstration will have you feeling confident to tackle any decal project!

     We’re frequently asked “How easy is it to install a decal?” The answer is “pretty darn easy”, but just like any other DIY project, the bigger you go the more time, steps, and extra hands can be required.

After years of experience, Wallums owners Michelle and Steve here could probably do this in their sleep! But after your first try, you’ll be pretty impressed how much you learn and remember for the next time around. Although mistakes can happen, by watching this video or by carefully reading your installation instructions pageyou will significantly reduce the likelihood of an amateur move.

Thanks for watching, and if you have any questions be sure to send them to!


Your Wallums Creations

  • September 22, 2014

It’s the biggest compliment when we receive photos from our Wallums fans. No two decal installations are ever exactly the same which makes seeing what our clever fans come up with so much fun!

Used in many different rooms and projects, these photos show examples of car decals in autobody shops to quotes added to bedroom decor, and tree decals in nursery rooms!

If you have a Wallums Project you would like to share, by all means do so! Go to our Facebook page and post them to our timeline, shoot us an email to, or hashtag them #wallums on Instagram or Pinterest and we’ll be sure to find them!

Elinor Headboard Wall Decal | Wallums Blog Elinor Headboard Decal via Wallums

World Traveler Map Decal | Oleander and Palm World Traveler Map via Oleander and Palm

Dandelion Wall Decal | Wallums Blog Dandelion Wall Decal via Amelia B.

Growth Tree Chart Decal | Growth Tree Chart Wall Decal via Facebook

Giraffe Safari Wall Decal | WallumsGiraffe Safari Decal via Pinterest

Always Thankful Wall Quote Decal| Wallums #bedroomdecor Always Thankful Wall Quote Decal via Wallums

Woodie Wagon Car Wall Decal | Wallums Woodie Wagon Wall Decal via Facebook

Butterfly Tree Wall Decal | Wallums #nurserydecor Butterfly Tree Wall Decal via Amy B.

Large Windy Tree and Birdhouse Wall Decal | Wallums #nurseryLarge Windy Tree With Birdhouse Wall Decal via Facebook


Birch Tree With Owl and Birds Wall Decal via Instagram


Birch Tree With Owl and Birds Wall Decal via Instagram


Every Child Is An Artist Wall Decal via Instagram


Bathrooms and Decals: Do the two work together?

  • July 02, 2014

If you ever had questions about if your Wallums decal could be applied to your tile, walls, or other surfaces in your bathroom the answer is yes!

Take a look at a these two projects from Roeshel, blogger at using our Bath Wall Decal, and my very own trial at home!

DIY Show Off Featuring Wallums Wall Decals

DIY Show Off Featuring Wallums Wall Decals

Roeshel was very clever with her installation! Shown here installed on a piece of scrap wood that was sanded and destressed, her decal is now a unique bath sign that can be moved from wall to wall when some re-arranging and re-decorating is needed.

Bathroom Decor Using Wallums Decals

Bathroom Decor Using Wallums Decals

Want to try this project for yourself? Take a look at the step by step process of her DIY decal project here.

Fun Ducky Bathroom Decor

Fun Ducky Bathroom Decor

Curious myself, I decided to give it a go at installing a decal in my own home! If you have children who love bath time, this Family Of Ducks Wall Decal is the perfect addition to a kid friendly bathroom.

Aligning Your Decal

Aligning Your Decal

It is important to be absolutely sure where you would like to place your decal. Using tape such as clear packaging tape or blue painters tape, hold up your decal design before installing it and stand back to get a better idea of how it will scale on your wall or desired surface. For once the decal is finally installed, it is there to stay! The vinyl material is not meant to be reapplied again, and may stretch and lose its adhesive once removed.

The Problems With Grout

The Problems With Grout

First things first, be sure your bathroom walls and tile are clean and completely dry before you begin.  Second, I would suggest to be careful where the edges of your decal apply on tile for as I learned in this project, vinyl is not compatible with rough surfaces such as grout and will have difficulty adhering properly. Silly me, my poor little ducky heads were placed right on the grout line and started to peel off. Luckily though the rest of their bodies adhered perfectly, and they have remained stuck to my bathtub tiles after many, many showers!

So there you have it! These two projects prove that no room in your home is off limits when it comes to installing your wall decals!


The Possibilities With Vinyl Chalkboard Labels!

  • April 29, 2014

Here at Wallums we have some fabulous chalkboard vinyl that we use for many of our fun kids room and nursery themed designs. But we realized that there can be many uses for this material, such as labels for jars and other items!

Since I’ll be hosting a Bridal Shower this coming weekend, I thought it would be a great idea to try out these labels for the mason jars and big drink container I recently found at our town’s local Antique Fair.

Crayola Drawing Chalk

Crayola Drawing Chalk

To get started, I used our larger size labels, a set of Crayola Drawing Chalk and a white Chalk Ink Marker.


Chalk Ink Pen

Chalk Ink Marker


This marker is easy to use, just shake well, press down on the tip to get the ink started, and it’s ready to go!


Mason Jars and Chalkboard Decal Labels

Mason Jars and Chalkboard Decal Labels


Mason jars are incredibly in style for weddings, parties, and to store household items. Using our chalk ink marker, these jars are clearly labeled to distinguish the different kitchen pantry items. Although these jars had some design on them, the label still adhered over the indents without trouble. Just be sure that the edgers are completely pressed down so no moisture gets underneath.



Use Labels To Write Names Or Other Fun Messages Onto Drinking Glasses


Worried people will get their glasses mixed up at your party? We have a solution to that problem! Have your guests write their names or a message on their glass to tell them apart, whether its a mason jar or wine glass.


Chalkboard Labels On Drinking Containers For A Shower Or Wedding

Chalkboard Labels On Drinking Containers For A Shower Or Wedding


These labels can go onto just about anything! You saw how well it worked on glass, and here it is stuck onto my antique porcelain container that can be used for serving water, iced tea, or yummy Sangria!


Chalboard Decal Sticker

Antique Drink Container For Water


This label was written on with the drawing chalk, and just like writing on a regular old chalkboard, I found it best to trace over the words once or twice to thicken the font. You don’t have worry about creating indents on the vinyl either, as I applied plenty of pressure with the chalk multiple times.


Bridal Shower Decor With Chalkboard Labels

Bridal Shower Decor With Chalkboard Labels


Have fun with your labels! Change up the font style and draw little designs on it to show off your creativity!


Iced Tea Container

Iced Tea Container


Whether indoors or outdoors, these labels are visible in any setting!


How To Clean The Chalkboard Label

How To Clean The Chalkboard Label


And when you’re ready to clean it off, simply use a damp towel, sponge, or napkin and rub!


Washed Mason Jar and Label

Washed Mason Jar and Label


These labels are much more durable than I gave them credit for at first. Not only can you remove them multiple times and reapply them if it comes out crooked, but they can get wet and will still hold to the item! I wouldn’t put them through the dish washer, but I was able to hand wash it and dry off without any trouble. The label comes out looking new again without a trace of the chalk or chalk marker!

Needless to say, I am super stoked about these labels and have my head spinning with ideas of where to place them next!




Freebie Friday Giveaway 4/18!

  • April 18, 2014

Today we will be giving away a 23″ Holga Camera Printed Decal to one lucky Wallums Fan!!! 

To enter for a chance to win go to

“LIKE” and “COMMENT”  on the post.

Winner will be announced via Facebook on Monday!


Unlike our solid standard vinyl decals, Wallums printed wall decals are made from ultra premium finely woven fabric that is repositionable. Perfect for renters, apartment, dorm rooms, classrooms and holidays. Our printed wall decals can last for years but are easily removable when you move or decide to change it up.


DIY Hello Door Decal Makeover

  • April 07, 2014

     This weekend I decided to update my family’s uninviting front door and steps!  Using items we had from around the house, in the yard, and at this DIY project literally took me all of 20 minutes to complete, and the transformation is still impressive!  

Before and After Front Door Makeover


My first eye grabbing item chosen for this project was the 4″ Hello Door Decal from Wallums Wall Decor for $9.99, and I decided on the color White to make it stand out from the street.  To get the door ready for installation, I wiped the area off with a damp towel to remove any dust and cob webs, and waited for it to dry completely before applying  the decal.

Before and After Front Door Makeover by Wallums Wall Decor


After removing the design from the backing paper and placing it against the door, I applied firm pressure with my squeegee provided with each Wallums order, and then again with my fingers to make sure all the letters were free of any air bubbles and evenly adhered to the door.

Hello Door Decal - Wallums Wall Decor


It’s so easy to get excited and want to ripe off the transfer paper like a band-aid from a boo boo, but it’s important to take your time! If  the letters stick to the transfer paper when peeling it back and not to the door (and a few of them did as I went about it), simply lay the paper back down against the door and run the squeegee over again until you get it to stick. I found it best to peel the transfer paper at an angle rather than straight across from right to left.

DIY Front Door Makeover under $10

Hello Door Decal

With this new crisp and white decal, I picked other white and fresh looking items like the flowers and water kettle.

DIY Hello Decal


And there you have it! An old door and lonely steps get a new face lift for under $10 and 20 minutes!