Your Wallums Creations

  • September 22, 2014

It’s the biggest compliment when we receive photos from our Wallums fans. No two decal installations are ever exactly the same which makes seeing what our clever fans come up with so much fun!

Used in many different rooms and projects, these photos show examples of car decals in autobody shops to quotes added to bedroom decor, and tree decals in nursery rooms!

If you have a Wallums Project you would like to share, by all means do so! Go to our Facebook page and post them to our timeline, shoot us an email to, or hashtag them #wallums on Instagram or Pinterest and we’ll be sure to find them!

Elinor Headboard Wall Decal | Wallums Blog Elinor Headboard Decal via Wallums

World Traveler Map Decal | Oleander and Palm World Traveler Map via Oleander and Palm

Dandelion Wall Decal | Wallums Blog Dandelion Wall Decal via Amelia B.

Growth Tree Chart Decal | Growth Tree Chart Wall Decal via Facebook

Giraffe Safari Wall Decal | WallumsGiraffe Safari Decal via Pinterest

Always Thankful Wall Quote Decal| Wallums #bedroomdecor Always Thankful Wall Quote Decal via Wallums

Woodie Wagon Car Wall Decal | Wallums Woodie Wagon Wall Decal via Facebook

Butterfly Tree Wall Decal | Wallums #nurserydecor Butterfly Tree Wall Decal via Amy B.

Large Windy Tree and Birdhouse Wall Decal | Wallums #nurseryLarge Windy Tree With Birdhouse Wall Decal via Facebook


Birch Tree With Owl and Birds Wall Decal via Instagram


Birch Tree With Owl and Birds Wall Decal via Instagram


Every Child Is An Artist Wall Decal via Instagram


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