Wood Pallet Projects

  • September 16, 2015

Wood pallets are very easy to come by and can be transformed into so many things! Whether you have your own wood shop or you’re limited with your crafting skills, we have plenty of ideas that can be completed by many skill sets. It’s time to grab a wood pallet (or two) and get creating!

Store garage tools

Lets start with a simply storage hack for your garage! Fix Lovely doesn’t even deconstruct this pallet! All you need to do is lay it on it’s side, drill a few holes into the wall (for stability) and start storing your yard equipment. 2.1

Are you looking for a rustic wine rack to add to your home? The Kurtz Corner will walk you through how to design these pallet racks that will have you proudly displaying your wine bottles and wine glasses in no time!a4key51f79066a711b

Do you want to revamp your fence without breaking the bank? This pallet fence is the perfect solution! Home Talk recommends going with light weight pallets and create stabilization by placing boards in the front and back of the fence, to keep it solid. How-to-Use-Pallet-Shelves-from-Martys-Musings-11

A great way to create extra storage is by hanging a wood pallet! Marty’s Musings hung this pallet backwards, so the underside is showing. This allows for some ‘shelves’ in your space and adds a funky/rustic focal point to the room.
IMGP4473 Another great storage solution (especially in the bathroom) is created by Skinny Meg. She stained a wood pallet that she bought at IKEA for $2 and hung some jars with pipe fittings! The storage possibilities are endless when it comes to this hanging pallet.

P8170211 (1)

Cathey With An E displays her glorious pallet headboard on her blog! She lucked out and found this pallet next to her work and was able to take it home for free! First she sanded the whole thing to make it smooth. Then she hung the headboard (by screwing the headboard onto 2 x 4 pieces of wood) and applied bird decals to the wood to add some interest. pallet-day-bed1

A patio daybed? Who would have thought that you can create one out of pallets! Lovely Greens shows just how to create your very own day bed that will delight your family and your furry friends! The great thing about this project is that it can transform a space that is rarely used into a space will be used constantly!Pallet-Wood-Wall-Storage-Rack-via-KnickofTime.net_

An entry way hook and storage catty is a great solution for all those items you come in with and don’t know what to do with! Knick of Time created this ingenious wood rack by cutting a portion of the pallet and applying hooks. The best part about this project is that it even has a little storage compartment for other things too!

***We would like to take a moment to the mention the chemical treatment of wood pallets. When you’re on the hunt for a pallet to create one of these projects, keep an eye out for the black stamp that is applied to the wood. If the code states ‘HT’ your pallet has been heat treated—not chemically treated, this is a good thing! ‘HT’ means that it’s safe to use. However, if the code states ‘MB’ the pallet was treated with chemical ‘methyl bromide’ and is NOT safe to use. Luckily these days, most wood pallets are heat treated and are safe to use, but always be on the lookout for those stamps!***

We hope that these projects have shown you just how easy and versatile these wood pallets are to transform! Now all you need to do is stock up and free up your weekend for some crafting! Have fun and be safe.

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