Wine Tasting Party Ideas

  • August 31, 2015

Hosting a wine tasting party is a fun way to do something classy for you and your friends! Instead of heading to a winery to taste different varietals, do so in the comfort of your own home! All you will need are a few supplies and a couple of your close friends! Here are a few ideas to help with decorating for your future wine tasting party!


First off, everyone needs their own wine glass! You can add labels in many different ways! The Happier Home Maker ties on paper tags with ribbon to the stems of wine glass. This adds a nice rustic feel and makes your guests feel like they are part of a something special.


A crafty way to designate wine glasses is by using chalkboard paint! The Caro Diaries features these snazzy glasses that are SUPER easy to create! All you will need is to dip the base of each wine glass in paint and let dry! Allow your guests to decorate their glass however they’d like.

One last way to decorate your wine glasses is by adding a bit of greenery to the ties! The Glitter Guide writes the guest names in script writing and leaves the ribbon long to add a touch of whimsy to the

Next it’s time to label the wines that you’re tasting! Do you have tons of corks sitting in a drawer waiting to be used for a craft project? Why not use corks for place card holders! Stylish Spoon provides step by step instructions on how to create these adorable place card holders. kaylaadams81 If you have a black table runner or chalkboard paper this is the perfect time to us it! Inspired By This lines up all the bottles and makes it easy for all their guests to know exactly what they’re tasting and where to place the bottle back once they’re down pouring.numbered-wine-bottle-covers-cg

If you’re having more of a ‘mysterious’ wine tasting party and don’t want to inform your guests exactly what they’re tasting, Centsational Girl has the solution. You will need a woven material (burlap), some craft paint and twine!ScoreCard

For a more interactive party experience, a wine scorecard will have your guests taking their tasting more seriously! Cambira Wines provides a handy scorecard printable PDF that you can download and print out for your next party.

Having a palate cleanser is crucial! Hungry Food Love recommends that plain bread, apples and even water helps with cleansing your palate before trying another type of wine. If you don’t cleanse your palate, your taste buds can get confused. _DSC9129

For a fun decoration, grab a few empty wine bottles (from a previous party) and make them into candle holders! WT Bling displays the candle holders on the tasting table to add some interest. Once the candles continue to melt, they will create a vintage and classy look that will get your guests in the mood to be ‘fancy’!keepcalmdrinkwineFor wall decor, our Keep Calm and Drink Wine Wall Decal is perfect for a tasting party! This can be applied on your wall for just the party or can stay up on your wall all the time! Whenever you take a look at this decal, you’re going to want to pop the cork and pour a glass of wine. 2015-08-28 14-05-04

For a fun contest that your guests can participate in is from Yellow Suitcase Studios! Count out a bunch of corks and place them in a jar. Have your guests guess how many corks they think are in the jar and the one who guesses closest to the right number wins a prize! Perhaps a free bottle of their favorite wine they tried that night!

We hope that these decorating ideas have inspired you to host your very own wine tasting party! Gather a few of your friends, some bottles of wine and get to tasting. Don’t forget to offer food so your guests don’t get too tipsy!


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