Watermelon Party

  • June 22, 2015

Happy first day of Summer! Watermelon season is finally upon us, which means it’s time throw a watermelon themed party!

Here are tons of great ideas to make your own Watermelon party a hit this summer!

Tasty Treats:


1. Let’s start with our guest of honor, the watermelon. Hi Sugar Plum offers a great solution to sticky watermelon hands! With a paring knife, break through the skin of the watermelon and insert a craft/popsicle stick to create a tasty snack on the go!



2. Need a thirst quenching drink for your party? Look no further! Cooking Classy offers this delicious Watermelon Lemonade that will be sure to have your guests filling up their glasses again and again.



3. Good ol’ Rice Krispie Treats can be molded into any shape. Why not, create your own ‘mock’ watermelon! With just a few ingredients these Watermelon Krispie Treats will be a great option for a sweet snack.




4. If you’re having an ‘adults only’ watermelon party, these Watermelon Jello-O Shots will be quite the treat! With only four ingredients, you will be able to whip these up in no time!


watermelon cookies 019

5. These adorable Watermelon Cookies are too cute to share! Simply choose your favorite cookie recipe, grab a triangle cookie cutter and get to baking!



6. Last but not least, my favorite treat! She Knows demonstrates how to make edible watermelon bowls with candy melts! Who would have thought that you could make these bowls out of candy! Choose your favorite sorbet, ice cream or sherbert and chocolate chips to finish off this watermelon treat!




1. This DIY Watermelon Pinata will be a ‘hit’ with your guests! With some simple materials, you will be able to create your own pinata that will have everyone standing in line to take a swing at it!



2. Create a watermelon doily garland will spruce up any wall or table at your party! These printable watermelon images will make this DIY project super easy! Grab some doilies, hot glue and twine and start crafting!


Summer-Mason-jars3. Mason jars are very ‘in’ right now. So why not grab some spray paint and re-imagine those mason jars into watermelons! Simply apply a coat of paint, a subtle ribbon and some sharpie to create the seeds and you’re done!



4. This DIY Stamped Watermelon Doormat will be sure to get your guests into the theme of the party as soon as they get to your door! This stamping technique can be done on almost any surface! If you’d like to go above and beyond the doormat, go for a table cloth, clothing or tote bags!


watermelonpaper75. Speaking of stamping; this DIY watermelon wrapping paper will be sure to delight the recipient and tie in the watermelon theme nicely.



6. Serving trays are necessary when it comes to a party. Create your very own custom watermelon serving tray with a few easy to find products! This project can be used for any theme or holiday party you’re hosting, not just for a watermelon party.


Party Favors: 


1. These Watermelon Votive Candles will be a great parting gift for all your guests! They are great way to celebrate summer and to show off your creativity!


2. These watermelon slice favors will be a surprise for everyone who opens it! The best thing about this project is that the watermelon slices are made from plain ol’ paper plates! Stuff with fun treats and goodies to delight your guests when they’re on their way home.



3. A great activity and party favor is this DIY Watermelon Tote Bag! Have a tie-dye station in the backyard for your guests to create their very own tote bags. Allow to dry during the party and have them take it home when the party is over. This tote bag will remind your guests of your great party days, months and years later!

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to host your very own Watermelon Theme Party! Now it’s time to start working on those e-vites and send them out to our friends and family!

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!











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