Washi Tape Decorating Ideas

  • July 22, 2015

Washi tape is ALL the rage right now. Washi tape can be best described as decorative masking tape! It’s very easy to cut, manipulate and can be removed without causing any damage!  If you want to jump on the trend bandwagon, here are tons of great ideas that utilizes this glorious crafty product that will transform any space in your home!

DSC_4735-copyFirst things first…. How are you going to store all your washi tape rolls? Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom offers this brilliant storage solution that displays your washi tape proudly and efficiently! Grab some command hooks, some heavy card stock, a frame and bamboo skewers and you’ve created your very own washi tape organizational display.


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Let’s start with a very easy project to start off your love affair with washi tape! Most cords are dull and don’t add any interest to your rooms, right? Delicious Spaces demonstrates how easy it is to add a special touch to phone chargers with washi tape! This is a simple solution that can be updated whenever you’d like, since washi tape is easy to remove!


Washi-Tape-Door-Edge-Design-Crush Another easy project to get the hang of using washi tape is to apply it to a door’s edge! Design Crush Blog likes projects that you don’t have to really commit to. So washi tape is the perfect solution! This project will take about 2 minutes and will add a nice pop of color to any door in your home! You can either apply one strip all the way down or add more tape to fully cover the door’s edge!


washi-tape-chopsticks-2Are you a fan of eating with chopsticks? Instead of eating with plain white chopsticks, By Wilma decided to cover her chopsticks with a ton of funky patterned washi tape! This would be a great idea for a dinner party, so all your guests will have unique chopsticks to eat with!


washiwrap packagesPoppy Talk shows just how easy it is to create custom washi tape wrapping paper that will delight the person who is receiving the gift! Create sheets of your own wrapping paper and save them for whenever you need to wrap a present. Gift tags are also a great item to customize with washi tape! Create an abstract design or a small image like a house!



Updating your office space will make work THAT much better! Brit + Co shows how easy it is to cover your keyboard keys with tiny squares of washi tape! Most washi tape is translucent, so you will still be able to see through to the keys—just in case you need to look at the keyboard when you’re typing.
tape_frames_1If you don’t want to hang heavy frames on your walls, washi tape is a great solution to create DIY picture frames! Design Sponge offers a tutorial on how to create this type of wall decor in your home! All you will need are photos, washi tape and an X-Acto knife!


photo-of-underwater-baby-with-washi-tape-magnetsThese washi tape magnets are so adorable!! Twirling Betty provides step by step instructions on how to create these magnets for your fridge or office! They look almost like just sticks of tape holding things up, but they are actually magnets. What a fun DIY project!


16IMG_9162_edited-2This is by far my favorite washi tape project that I’ve done in every room of my house! Crab and Fish shows exactly how to cover your switch plates in a jiffy and will transform every room in your house! The best thing about this project is that you can always remove the tape and apply a different color or design when your home decor changes!

We hope that these washi tape projects have inspired you to grab some rolls at your local craft store and start trying out a few of these ideas! We have a feeling you’ll be hooked on this wonderful product in no time.


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