Potluck Party Ideas

  • September 09, 2015

Hosting a dinner party can be a lot of work and very stressful! Take off some of the stress by hosting a potluck party instead! All your guests will be impressed with your hosting skills and you can relax ‘just’ a bit knowing that you have your bases covered!



When you’re getting prepared for your party, this chart from Mom’s Budget will come in handy! Make sure to keep note of who is coming and what they’re bringing. That way you can make sure that 5 people aren’t bringing a Caesar Salad!  

It’s also a great idea to keep your guests informed as to what you have on hand—such as bowls, spices and oven space! My Domaine states that this allows your guests to skip the super complicated dishes and go for something quick and easy so no one is slaving in the kitchen during the party.

While your guests are filling you in on what they’re planning on bringing, request the recipe so you can print them out for other guests! BHG provides this genius tip, because we all know that everyone is going to want to know how you made those killer potatoes.

A chic way to label your dishes and drinks is by creating your own table signs out of counter top tiles! Madigan Man uses funky vinyl decals and dry erase pens to tie together this unique look for her party. What a great idea!chalkboard-runner-for-a-lovely-dessert-table-look

Are you a fan of writing with chalk? Our Chalkboard Wall Decal would be perfect to use for dish labels! Simply peel and stick onto your serving table and start labeling all your dishes. Inspiration was provided by B Lovely Events.

Have you ever been at a party, pile up your plate, sit down and realize you didn’t grab a fork? Don’t let that happen to your guests! Over The Big Moon offers the perfect solution with these rustic burlap utensil holders! This DIY project is no-sew and very easy to create.img_2172

If no one has chosen to make dessert, a great option is to have everyone bring their favorite ice cream topping. Provide a variety of ice cream and let your guests decorate their dessert however they’d like. We’re sure that some of your guests will get adventurous and try toppings they’ve never thought to use! DIY-washable-reusable-bowl-covers-15If your guests are a bit worried about traveling with their dishes, direct them to The Gracious Wife’s DIY project! These bowl covers are reusable AND washable! This will take the worry out of your guest’s mind and will come in handy for future potluck parties!

We hope that these tips and tricks make your next potluck party a breeze! Now all you have to do is wrangle some of your friends and start brainstorming about what dishes to make!



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