Fun and Creative Place Cards

  • August 10, 2015

If you’re planning a large dinner party or wedding, place cards are a nice personal touch for all your guests. Whether it’s a party for six or 200, a place card can be the perfect way to tie a party theme together! Check our these creative place card ideas and get inspired for your next event!

53431dbe10862$!x900Sea glass can be the perfect decor for a nautical themed event! Style Me Pretty offers step by step instructions on how to create these unique place cards that your guest will be delighted to take home at the end of the night.


These Wooden Place Cards are a great choice when planning a rustic party! Hippanonymous uses blank wooden business cards, binder clips and stamps to create this design. Who would have thought that binder clips could be used for a stand.


Corks can be the perfect touch to a wine or tasting party. These Color Dipped Cork Place Card Holders are too cute! Paint the bottom of the cork whatever color you’d like, cut the cork so a card can slip in and address the card—simple as that!

placecardhero1If you are planning a spring wedding or party, these ‘bouquet’ place cards are the perfect touch! Crafted Blog shows just how easy it is to recreate this quaint DIY project and impress all your guests when they come to the table for dinner.

Ruffled - photo by -

These Gem Card Holders by Ruffled Blog will be add a luxurious feel to any event! With just one trip to Michaels Crafts, you can recreate these card holders in no time! Depending on what your color scheme is, you can paint the gems and use different colored card stock to match your theme!


If you’re looking for a ‘sweet’ way to display your place cards, gumdrops may be the answer! Gimme Some Oven used these tasty treats as labels for a snack table, but they could be perfect for a Christmas party as well! Plus once your guests take a seat they can pop the candy in their mouth!


A simple way to add a pop of color to your dining table is with these Dip-Dyed Place Card Holders by Design For Mankind. These tiny wooden blocks will absorb dye very easily and you can get creative with what colors you use and how long the blocks are dyed for! This is a very fun, modern take on the place card.


For a rustic, fall theme event these table settings are perfect! Design Improvised shows with just a few items such as corn husks, feathers and glitter paint, you can create a natural looking place setting that will wow your guests and get them in the autumn mood.


Modeling clay can be transformed into almost anything, including place cards! Polka Dot Bride created these adorable geometric shapes and painted them into chic colors that create an understated table decoration that can be done in less than an hour!

Who would have thought that there are so many different ways to assign seats at your next party! We are sure that at least one of these DIY crafts have caught your eye and we hope that you and your guests are impressed by your craftiness!


Friday Finds – Watercolor Projects

  • August 07, 2015

The possibilities with watercolor are endless! You can create gift tags, greeting cards, artwork and more! This art form can be enjoyed by everyone, including those who don’t think they have much skill in the painting department. Here are four easy watercolor projects that will get you excited about watercolors!

WaterColorCollageFrom Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

1. By using a basic stencil, you can create a gorgeous work of art that will take no time at all! Kate’s Creative Space shows just how easy it is to create these beautiful works of art! She also starts to play with a few rubber stamps to add some contrast and interest to the stencil.

2. Finding the perfect greeting card in the stores isn’t easy! So why not create your own instead! Melissa Esplin gives great tips on how to perfect your lettering and how to use your paint brush to make solid strokes.

3. Play around with creating gradients on gift tags. Eat Drink Chic created these gift tags by cutting tags out of watercolor paper with a craft punch. Remember, you always want to use watercolor paper, otherwise the paint will not apply properly.

4. A handmade clock will make any space feel THAT more special to you! Makers Society provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own watercolor clock!

These four projects have inspired me to grab my watercolor pallet and start painting this weekend! I hope that they’ve inspired you as well! Have a great weekend!



Small Bathroom Solutions

  • August 05, 2015

A small bathroom is a very common problem for many households. Instead of just complaining about not having enough space, get inspired with these storage solutions and tackle your small bathroom today!


Do you have an empty space above your sink? This is the perfect space to add a shelf! House Beautiful shows just how classy a glass shelf can look above the sink. Place flowers for a decorative look or essentials that you use often for easy access.



Another great spot to add a shelf is above the toilet! My Fabuless Life got these shelf brackets from Ikea—so you know they are inexpensive! Grab a piece of wood and display an art print, towels or even some handy TP!



If you are needing more towel space, attaching multiple towel racks on the inside of your bathroom door will save TONS of space! Bob Vila recommends going with a good quality towel rack to ensure they stay in place.



Floating shelves will make any room look modern and sleek, especially your bathroom! 320 Sycamore Blog did a complete overhaul of her bathroom and the transformation is gorgeous! Her blog will give you all the dirty details of how to organize and get a look just like this!



Another great spot for a shelf is above the door frame! This spot is ideal for extra TP, items that aren’t used too often and even just for decoration! My So Called Home utilized this space perfectly and it makes an unused space become a focal point in the room.



Now, lets get to under sink storage. This space can be the end-all-be-all for all your bathroom accouterments! Lets start with your pesky hair styling tools. Those are hard to store anywhere without getting all the cords getting tangled! A Bowl Full Of Lemons uses an over the door basket to store hers and makes them easy to access AND easy to store!


101272400.jpg.rendition.largestA lazy susan is usually found in a kitchen right? But they can be used in a bathroom as well! Better Homes and Garden shows how this feature is perfect for a tight space!



Another great storage solution for under your sink is by using bins and baskets to store all your goodies while keeping them off the floor! Real Simple shows just how easy it is to store all your toiletries. If there are multiple people using the same bathroom. Designate one bin for each person so there’s no question as to where their items are.


IMG_4569Having minimal counter space makes things difficult in your bathroom. Suite Revival uses the infamous Ikea spice racks to store hair supplies up off the counter on unused wall space! These little wonders can be used almost anywhere in your home, anywhere you need some extra storage.

We hope that these storage solutions for your small bathroom have inspired you to start working on your own bathroom! Time to take a trip to Ikea!




Statement Wall Ideas

  • August 03, 2015

An empty wall is a blank canvas that can be transformed into a beautiful work of art! Instead of going for the traditional ‘gallery wall’ with tons of framed pieces, go in a different direction! We’ve found some great DIY Statement Wall ideas that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to tackle that blank wall in your home.


Did you ever get in trouble for drawing on the walls when you were a kid? Well, now you can draw on the walls and just wipe it away with Dry Erase Paint! A Beautiful Mess gives the lowdown on this great product! Now all you have to decide is which wall to paint… 2015-07-30 11-52-56This wood scalloped wall treatment is very unique and the best thing about it, is that it’s damage free to your walls! Classy Clutter shows just how to create this look by using a sharpie paint pen, plywood and 3M mounting tape!


6a00d8358081ff69e2017d4028e42d970c-800wiIf you’re a photographer and want to display your photos for you and your guests to enjoy, this DIY Photo Wall is a great idea! A Beautiful Mess provides a tutorial on how she was able to create this eye catching wall. You’ll have your guests staring at your walls for hours!


Ombre Wooden Wall DIY[3]This 3D Cube Wall is quite the statement wall! By allowing the white of the wall show through, it gives a 3-dimensional feel to it. Check out tons of photos of this gorgeous space at Vintage Revivals blog.


6a00d8358081ff69e201bb07aa3349970d-800wiWho would have thought that paint pens can create such a gorgeous statement wall! A Beautiful Mess shows step by step how to recreate this funky design at home! Also, if you’d like to go with a different design, you can! Just create a different cardboard template and start tracing.


OmbreRainbowHexagonWallTutorial11Vintage Revivals created this gorgeous hexagon wall for her child’s bedroom and shows just how she did it. Although you will need a miter saw, don’t be scared, cutting pieces of wood is SUPER simple. To create the hombre look, you can either paint the inner portion of the hexagon or you can tape up different pieces of paper. Whichever you’d prefer.



We’re sure that you’ve done some form of hand stamping before. This is just on a much larger scale! A Beautiful Mess will show you how to re-create this wall with very few supplies. All you will need is craft foam, cardboard, glue and some paint! You can do any kind of fruit you’d like or if you’re not decorating in the kitchen, any simple design will do.

We’re sure that these statement walls have inspired you to dress up that boring, blank wall that you have in your home! The next step is to decide exactly which idea you’re going to execute!


Friday Finds – DIY Placemats

  • July 31, 2015

Are you looking to upgrade those old, stained placemats that you’ve been using for years? Instead of going to the Big Box Store to buy new ones, why not make your own! Here are four different DIY projects that will get you excited about setting your dinner table again! DIY Placemats

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom;

1. Do you have old magazines laying around that you don’t know what to do with? The Pink Couch gives thorough instructions on how to make your very own re-purposed placemats!

2. Are you wine drinker? Do you have a drawer filled with corks that you swear you’re going to do something crafty with? Look no further! Creme de la Craft has the perfect DIY placemat for you. The best think about making a cork placemat is that it’s naturally waterproof!

3. To create this nautical jute placemat, all you will need is 3/8″ jute and a hot glue gun! City Farmhouse gives a great photo tutorial on how to create these Pottery Barn inspired placemats. They will be perfect to add a touch of the ‘sea’ to your kitchen.

4. I have always had a ‘thing’ for oilcloth. So when I saw these vintage looking placemats, I knew this was the DIY project for me! See Kate Sew creates these placemats with vintage oilcloth that she’s been hoarding for months! The great thing about this material is that they are so easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a sponge or cloth and the sticky mess is cleaned in a jiffy!

We hope that these four projects have inspired you to throw out your old placemats and create your very own! It always feels so great to create something and show them off in your home!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Outdoor Party Ideas

  • July 29, 2015

It’s almost August, which means that we have about a month to go before ‘back to school’ comes back around! This is the perfect time to throw one last outdoor party for all your friends and family! Here are some great ideas to throw a memorable last summer party of 2015!

c12735c25dc99db51744e99506955f17-640x400A great tip to throwing an outdoor party is to make a comfortable space for you and your guests to socialize and eat delicious food! This long table with rugs and blankets underneath makes for a cozy environment that will make everyone stay until they’ve overstayed their welcome.


Hoover_Moore_Gypsy_Tree_Photography_IMG6723_lowIf you have large trees in your backyard, this hanging table will be a perfect way to offer drinks at your party. Capitol Romance adds lace doilies around the table to add a funky rustic vibe to the table. However, you can decorate the table and the glasses however you’d like!


drinks-station-on-a-ladderAnother option for a party drink display is by using a ladder! At Home In Love shows how easy it is to add planks to a ladder to offer tons of great space to fill with delicious drinks that all your guests will love!



Do you want to add a pop of color to your pool? Throwing an assortment of balloons to your pool will not only add a bit of whimsy to the space, they will be SO much fun to play with, once it gets hot enough to jump in. The House That Lars Built uses coral colors, but any color combination will work.


edit_-1386If you are looking for a way to keep drinks cool, a kiddie pool is a great idea! Keith Zars Pools gives an example of how easy this is! If you are having children at the party too, it’s best to keep the drinks separate like in this picture.



A great way to add flowers to your party is to up-cycle old bottles and twine into this gorgeous hanging backdrop. Eat Drink Chic had quite the funky, rustic party and showed how such a simple decoration can really make a statement!


Frozen-Diy-Ideas2If you’re having a ‘classy’ outdoor party. Paper and Lace shows off these gorgeous floral ice cubes that will class up any party in a heartbeat! This would go very well at a bridal or baby shower don’t you think?
Pink-balloons-set-a-festive-toneYou can’t ever go wrong with over-sized balloons when it comes to party decor! Choose a color that is a perfect compliment to your space and party theme! The Glam Pad was going with a ‘pink flamingo’ party theme, but this idea can work with any theme you can think of!

We hope that these outdoor party ideas have inspired you to have one last party while summer is still here! We can’t wait to receive our invitation in the mail!

Happy Hump Day!


How To Organize With Command Hooks

  • July 27, 2015

Command Hooks can do wonders around the house! They can be used for so many applications! Here are a just a few ideas to get you excited about this ingenious product! 2015-07-24 11-17-27Do you have very minimal counter space in your bathroom? By hanging a basket with command hooks, you can store your hair styling tools discreetly without taking up valuable real estate on your counter. Dream Green DIY uses a metal file box which is perfect storage solution for styling tools, since you don’t have to worry about placing warm/hot products in it after using them.


If you want to create an indoor herb garden, Command Hooks can help! Julie Blanner pops a hole in plastic plant containers to be able to hook the pots easily. This allows for easy removable of the pots when the herbs need water as well as when you’re thinking of re-organizing your kitchen! These hooks are easy to remove without causing any damage.

SunglassesStoragePINDo Measurably More utilizes these command hooks everywhere in her home. This sunglasses storage project is simple to create and will help keep track of those glasses you keep on losing! A wooden dowel will fit perfectly within the hooks and will allow you to hang things easily and saves so much space!

DSC09622Are you debating on hanging a wreath because you don’t want put a nail through your door? An upside down Command Hook is the perfect solution! Pretty Dubs measureed some ribbon to the right length to hold her wreath and to go over the door. The hook will secure the wreath on one side and the ribbon on the other—so simple!

Ring-HookThe safest place for an engagement or wedding ring is on your finger. But when they need to be taken off when doing the dishes or in the shower, a Command Hook will be to your rescue! This simple trick will save the awful panic that you feel when you look down and your ring is missing!

mason-jar-window-treatment-final_thumbA window treatment can become a simple project with these glorious hooks! It All Started With Paint shows how to create a Mason Jar Window Treatment with command hooks, mason jards, flowers and jute! If you’re not a fan of this specific design you can do something different! You can even create a valance with these hooks, a curtain and a curtain rod!


A drawer of tangled cords is very common in every house, right? Command Hooks can help with that issue! Brit + CO  shows how easy it is to utilize the wasted space of a cabinet inner door, keep your cords tangle free and  easy to access!

We hope that these organizational ideas have inspired you to go out and buy some Command Hooks! We can’t wait to finally hang a wreath without worrying about hammering a nail into our door. Such a great product.









Friday Finds – Origami Projects

  • July 24, 2015

The word ‘origami’ comes from the Japanese words ‘Oru’ and ‘Kami’ which roughly translates to ‘to fold paper’. The process of transforming a plain sheet of paper into a work of art can be a very therapeutic experience. Check out these four easy origami projects that can be used to transform your everyday life.

Origami DIY

From Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. These gorgeous paper stars by Kate’s Creative Space are a great way to add a three-dimensional touch to any room! You can go with any color scheme you’d like. This ombre look that Kate has created makes the white sculpture POP even more!

2. These mini origami arrows take a minute to fold and can be transformed into fridge magnets or even bulletin board tacks. How About Orange gives step by step instructions on how to fold paper into these arrows and how to secure a magnet/tack to be used to ‘point’ things out.

3. This origami project is for all you book lovers out there! How About Orange is at it again with this quick project that will help keep your place in your current book! Fold tons of these little hearts and hand them out to friends and family. They will always remember you when they open their book!

4. String together your very own paper geo-jewels and hang anywhere or everywhere in your home! We Are Scout provides a template that will help you with this design. If you’re looking for a funky centerpiece, they also look fabulous piled high in a bowl.

We hope that these projects have sparked your creative side and you start folding some paper this weekend!

Happy Friday!


Washi Tape Decorating Ideas

  • July 22, 2015

Washi tape is ALL the rage right now. Washi tape can be best described as decorative masking tape! It’s very easy to cut, manipulate and can be removed without causing any damage!  If you want to jump on the trend bandwagon, here are tons of great ideas that utilizes this glorious crafty product that will transform any space in your home!

DSC_4735-copyFirst things first…. How are you going to store all your washi tape rolls? Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom offers this brilliant storage solution that displays your washi tape proudly and efficiently! Grab some command hooks, some heavy card stock, a frame and bamboo skewers and you’ve created your very own washi tape organizational display.


photo 4

Let’s start with a very easy project to start off your love affair with washi tape! Most cords are dull and don’t add any interest to your rooms, right? Delicious Spaces demonstrates how easy it is to add a special touch to phone chargers with washi tape! This is a simple solution that can be updated whenever you’d like, since washi tape is easy to remove!


Washi-Tape-Door-Edge-Design-Crush Another easy project to get the hang of using washi tape is to apply it to a door’s edge! Design Crush Blog likes projects that you don’t have to really commit to. So washi tape is the perfect solution! This project will take about 2 minutes and will add a nice pop of color to any door in your home! You can either apply one strip all the way down or add more tape to fully cover the door’s edge!


washi-tape-chopsticks-2Are you a fan of eating with chopsticks? Instead of eating with plain white chopsticks, By Wilma decided to cover her chopsticks with a ton of funky patterned washi tape! This would be a great idea for a dinner party, so all your guests will have unique chopsticks to eat with!


washiwrap packagesPoppy Talk shows just how easy it is to create custom washi tape wrapping paper that will delight the person who is receiving the gift! Create sheets of your own wrapping paper and save them for whenever you need to wrap a present. Gift tags are also a great item to customize with washi tape! Create an abstract design or a small image like a house!



Updating your office space will make work THAT much better! Brit + Co shows how easy it is to cover your keyboard keys with tiny squares of washi tape! Most washi tape is translucent, so you will still be able to see through to the keys—just in case you need to look at the keyboard when you’re typing.
tape_frames_1If you don’t want to hang heavy frames on your walls, washi tape is a great solution to create DIY picture frames! Design Sponge offers a tutorial on how to create this type of wall decor in your home! All you will need are photos, washi tape and an X-Acto knife!


photo-of-underwater-baby-with-washi-tape-magnetsThese washi tape magnets are so adorable!! Twirling Betty provides step by step instructions on how to create these magnets for your fridge or office! They look almost like just sticks of tape holding things up, but they are actually magnets. What a fun DIY project!


16IMG_9162_edited-2This is by far my favorite washi tape project that I’ve done in every room of my house! Crab and Fish shows exactly how to cover your switch plates in a jiffy and will transform every room in your house! The best thing about this project is that you can always remove the tape and apply a different color or design when your home decor changes!

We hope that these washi tape projects have inspired you to grab some rolls at your local craft store and start trying out a few of these ideas! We have a feeling you’ll be hooked on this wonderful product in no time.


Door Upgrade Ideas

  • July 20, 2015

Are your doors boring? Are they Plain Janes that could use a bit of ‘sprucing up’? Here are several great design ideas that will take your dull doors and transform them into eye catching works of art!

_MG_0727Lets starts with a simple paint job that makes a HUGE impact! One Kings Lane gives tips on how to create this geometric design on any door—including one that has panels! You can choose any color combination you’d like—whatever fits your color scheme.


IMG_3040sIf you’re not ready to commit to painting the entire door, washi tape is a great solution! Tretoen outlines the details of this door with salmon colored washi tape to give this door a modern look in seconds! The best thing about washi tape is if you’re tired of the color, you can peel it off and apply something different!


tunnel-of-love-door-muralIf you’re a renter and not able to paint your door, a great solution is our Removable Door Murals! They are an easy way to decorate any room that will last years and will impress everyone who comes into your home. 2015-07-15 13-21-41

If you want to add a bit of humor and whimsy to your home, this design idea will be right up your alley! Draw your favorite animal on the door to put a smile on your face every time you walk through it.


_MG_0653Who would have thought that you can upholster a door?! Design Sponge provides step-by-step instructions on how to re-create this glamours door in your own home! Applying the nail heads is much easier than you think. They usually are sold in strips so you only have to attach a few single nail heads.


IMG_4856Do you have plain hallow core doors that are just ‘screaming’ for attention. Then this DIY Door Molding project by Haus of Gerz  is a great option! What you will need to do is cut molding, nail them in place, caulk the nail holes and paint! It’s that easy!


If you like the paneled door look, don’t buy a new door—transform your current one! Jenna Sue Design created this design on a budget and so can you! Choosing what color to paint the door afterwards will be the real challenge!

amway-nutrilite-07If you’re not looking to do too much ‘building’ another great solution is to hang a mirror on your door. This will brighten up your room along with make the room feel even larger! There are plenty inexpensive mirrors that are already framed out there, so this project is a piece of cake.


DSC03646 (1)If you’re looking to buy a beadboard door, they can be quite expensive. But don’t be deterred, there is such a thing has beadboard wallpaper! Shanks EST 2009 shows off her DIY project and provides a tutorial on how to make your very own beadboard door without breaking the bank.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to update the doors into your house from dull and boring to fabulous and crafty! Good luck everyone!