Decor Ideas For Renters

  • September 02, 2015

If you’re a renter, you know that you have some limitations when it comes to decorating your space. You either have to constantly ask your landlord if what you’re doing is ‘okay’ or you just don’t even bother! Here are several different ways to decorate your space that are totally ‘okay’ and will have all your guests impressed with your decorating skills!

If you’re unable to paint your white walls, you will need to decorate them! A Beautiful Mess created this macrame garland that would add a nice pop of color to any room! She provides step by step instructions on how to replicate this design for your own space.  FabricWalls3Do you have built-in bookshelves that need a little sprucing up? Wanderers Palace will talk you through how to create your own fabric accent wall! All you will need is a few yards of fabric of your choice and a few finishing nails! If you don’t want to use nails, you can also use liquid starch to create a faux-wallpaper look.


Printed Wall Decals are a great choice for renters because they are re-positionable and removable without any damage to your walls! Our Deluxemodern Lantern Wall Decal Set will transform a so-so space into something spectacular! 110826_BROOKLYNBRIDE_1969-600x900We have a soft spot when it comes to washi tape… If you haven’t bought some at your local craft store, please do! Bklyn Bride decorates the details of this white door to add a punch of color and outline the gorgeous molding! You can decorate all the doors in your home to add a touch of ‘you’ to your space.


Bedding is usually the first thing you and your guests notice when they walk into your bedroom. Bedding can be expensive, so why not DIY your very own bedding and make a statement! Brit + Co provides instructions on how to create this chic plus sign throw blanket for just $20! This project is budget friendly and adds a graphic touch to your bedroom.DP_Avram-Rusu-dining-room_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960A mirror can really change the vibe in a room. HGTV states that adding a large mirror in any room will make the space feel bigger and brighter without having to knock down a wall for natural light! Mirrors come in all sizes and styles. Pick your mirrors out with your design aesthetic and style in mind.

If you can’t paint your walls, why not paint your furniture! If your walls are bright white and you’re itching for a change, painting your furniture is a great way to go. Refinery 29 states that choosing a bold color that you love will really liven up a room. The best thing about painting your own furniture is that you can always re-paint it once your taste evolves!


A gallery wall is always a great way to create a focal point in a room. Brit + Co creates a unique gallery wall with these color block dipped photo frames! Instead of spending tons of money on photo prints, print them at home and paint them! This technique spices up the artwork and will have your guests stopping and gazing at your handy work.Line-Scales-Repostionable-WallpaperWallpaper doesn’t have to be permanent! Our Line Scales Removable Wallpaper Tile will add a modern twist to a drab space. The best thing about our removable wallpaper tiles is that they are SO easy to install! Simply peel, stick and you’re done! When you’re ready to move, peel off the wallpaper and your landlord will be none the wiser.

We hope that these decorating ideas have inspired all you renters out there! Now it’s time to get crafty and transform your space one room at a time. Happy Hump Day!


Wine Tasting Party Ideas

  • August 31, 2015

Hosting a wine tasting party is a fun way to do something classy for you and your friends! Instead of heading to a winery to taste different varietals, do so in the comfort of your own home! All you will need are a few supplies and a couple of your close friends! Here are a few ideas to help with decorating for your future wine tasting party!


First off, everyone needs their own wine glass! You can add labels in many different ways! The Happier Home Maker ties on paper tags with ribbon to the stems of wine glass. This adds a nice rustic feel and makes your guests feel like they are part of a something special.


A crafty way to designate wine glasses is by using chalkboard paint! The Caro Diaries features these snazzy glasses that are SUPER easy to create! All you will need is to dip the base of each wine glass in paint and let dry! Allow your guests to decorate their glass however they’d like.

One last way to decorate your wine glasses is by adding a bit of greenery to the ties! The Glitter Guide writes the guest names in script writing and leaves the ribbon long to add a touch of whimsy to the

Next it’s time to label the wines that you’re tasting! Do you have tons of corks sitting in a drawer waiting to be used for a craft project? Why not use corks for place card holders! Stylish Spoon provides step by step instructions on how to create these adorable place card holders. kaylaadams81 If you have a black table runner or chalkboard paper this is the perfect time to us it! Inspired By This lines up all the bottles and makes it easy for all their guests to know exactly what they’re tasting and where to place the bottle back once they’re down pouring.numbered-wine-bottle-covers-cg

If you’re having more of a ‘mysterious’ wine tasting party and don’t want to inform your guests exactly what they’re tasting, Centsational Girl has the solution. You will need a woven material (burlap), some craft paint and twine!ScoreCard

For a more interactive party experience, a wine scorecard will have your guests taking their tasting more seriously! Cambira Wines provides a handy scorecard printable PDF that you can download and print out for your next party.

Having a palate cleanser is crucial! Hungry Food Love recommends that plain bread, apples and even water helps with cleansing your palate before trying another type of wine. If you don’t cleanse your palate, your taste buds can get confused. _DSC9129

For a fun decoration, grab a few empty wine bottles (from a previous party) and make them into candle holders! WT Bling displays the candle holders on the tasting table to add some interest. Once the candles continue to melt, they will create a vintage and classy look that will get your guests in the mood to be ‘fancy’!keepcalmdrinkwineFor wall decor, our Keep Calm and Drink Wine Wall Decal is perfect for a tasting party! This can be applied on your wall for just the party or can stay up on your wall all the time! Whenever you take a look at this decal, you’re going to want to pop the cork and pour a glass of wine. 2015-08-28 14-05-04

For a fun contest that your guests can participate in is from Yellow Suitcase Studios! Count out a bunch of corks and place them in a jar. Have your guests guess how many corks they think are in the jar and the one who guesses closest to the right number wins a prize! Perhaps a free bottle of their favorite wine they tried that night!

We hope that these decorating ideas have inspired you to host your very own wine tasting party! Gather a few of your friends, some bottles of wine and get to tasting. Don’t forget to offer food so your guests don’t get too tipsy!


Marbling DIY Projects

  • August 28, 2015

Marbling is a beautiful technique that creates a design that is unique and cannot be repeated exactly the same way! There are many different techniques of how to create this design and we have chosen four different DIY projects to introduce you to how easy this technique is!

MarbleDIYFront Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. A great introduction to create your very own marbling effect is by using foam shaving cream! Honestly WTF shows just how easy it is to make unique envelopes by pressing paper on top of foam shaving cream and food coloring! This is such a fun project that even children can participate.

2. Another marbling project that you can do with paper is explained by A Beautiful Mess. She uses oil paints and thickened water to create these abstract images that really make a statement on her walls!

3. Did you know that you can marble mugs with nail polish? DIY Candy created this design in no time by putting a few drops of nail polish in hot water, dipping a mug in and letting it dry. It’s that easy and creates a fantastic result!

4. Have you been wanting to update your napkins at home? Sugar And Charm provides tips and tricks on how to create you own marbled fabric! You don’t have to stop at napkins, you can create your own scarfs, shirts and even bags using this technique. The possibilities are endless.

We hope that these DIY projects have gotten you excited about this fun marbling technique. Whether you want to do something quick and easy like the nail polish mugs or go for something more intricate like the marbled paper, we are sure that you will love the end result.

Happy Friday!


Color Blocking Projects

  • August 26, 2015

Color blocking is a huge trend! What is it, you ask? It’s a technique where you take bold colors (complimentary colors) and put them together for the widest contrast possible! This trend can be seen a lot in fashion, but you can also create home decor in this style too! Here are some fun DIY projects that incorporates this gorgeous trend for your home.


These bamboo trivets are completely transformed by Sugar and Cloth with painters tape and heat resistant paint! Ashley Rose recommends that you apply a base coat of white first to create a lovely contrast. These can be placed near your stove or on the kitchen table to apply hot plates and bowls in a stylish way.


Do you want to add a nice pop of color to your space? DIY Showoff creates this simple art piece by arranging frog tape on a piece of plywood and painting the tapped off areas with contrasting and complimentary colors. As the paint is drying, peel away the tape and let the paint fully dry before hanging on your wall. How simple is that?


A new clock can spruce up a space very easily! If you go to any craft store, they are now selling clock kits and clock bases! Almost Makes Perfect paints half of the clock to give a modern look. This color block design is so easy to create and you can use any color!

6a00d8358081ff69e201b8d0d78f21970c-800wiIf you’re a cat owner, you know how expensive scratching posts can be. A Beautiful Mess provides step by step instructions on how to create a color blocked post that your kitty will love and won’t be an eyesore in your home!

TCB-Colorblock-Kim-DemmonBring color blocking into your office! Today’s Creative Life uses paint, painters tape and cheap clipboards (from Target) to create an easy way to hang important messages and ideas in your office. Each paint color will take about 2 coats to make the colors really POP.

14490583192_2bc015a053_bA door mat can be pricey. Instead of spending the big bucks, IKEA offers $5 door mats that can be customized easily! Hi Sugar Plum Blog uses a vinyl decal to add a friendly message in the corner of the mat and paints half of the mat with black spray paint. This adds a dose of personality to your front door and will make everyone smile when they come to visit.

photo[2]These color blocked spoons can add to the color scheme in a kitchen. The Happy Homebodies creates a ‘homemade’ look to her spoons by hand painting the spoons by forgoing painters tape to create a clean line. This is perfect for a bridal shower or wedding gift!

DSC_4104Succulents are always great to have in your home. The chic DIY project can really transform a basic vase! The Proper Blog creates this color block geometric vase that is so simple replicate. She introduces us to this gorgeous liquid gold paint that REALLY makes this vase look expensive.

Crayon-10-VarietiesDid you know that you can make candles with melted down crayons? Brit + Co creates this color block look by keeping the votive at an angle while you’re pouring the crayon/wax mixture. This technique will keep the colors from mixing and create a striking contrast.

We hope that these DIY projects have inspired you to add some color blocking into your home. Luckily all these project require very little supplies and time so you can complete them in no time at all! Happy Hump Day!


Parisian Party Ideas

  • August 24, 2015

A Parisian Party can be the perfect theme for a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party! This sophisticated theme will have all your guests enchanted and wishing they could catch the next flight to Paris!


Macaroons are very common in Paris, which makes these delicious treats the perfect centerpiece and dessert. The gorgeous color palate that Mallory from Catch My Party used really adds a vintage, antique look to her Parisian party.


This Paris sign is a great decoration to hang over your food table! Annina H from Catch My Party created this floral decor that really stands out on your wall. You could re-create this decor by grabbing a few wooden letters from your local craft store and cover with artificial flowers!
DIY_Paris-Damask_Wall-Decor_LSTo add a ‘pop’ of color to your walls, these paper fans are a great choice. Birthday Express suggests taping these fans directly to your wall with Scotch tape or you could suspend them from the ceiling! To create the perfect wall decoration, apply the fans in different sizes to add some texture.

image (2) A cupcake isn’t complete at a Parisian party without an Eiffel Tower embellishment. Anaida’s Creations shows off these delicious treats. You can create these Eiffel Towers with chocolate and edible gold spray paint! You could also purchase these trinkets at your local party store and have your guests take them home after the party! Kara’s Party Ideas will provide you step by step instructions on how to create your very own DIY Eiffel Tower Wall Canvas! Cover the silhouette of the tower with artificial flowers and you’re done!  This wall decor can be hung on the wall for just during the party or all year round!

ParisDamask-Activity-3If you’d like to create more of an interactive dessert bar, Birthday Express has you covered! Allow all your guests to decorate their own cookies and watch everyone get creative. The great thing about this party idea is that once everyone has created their works of art, they can eat it!

imageFor a clever and ‘cheap’ party favor, Lesley R from Catch My Party wraps up Bath and Body Works shower gel. The great thing about BBW is that they carry a ‘Paris’ themed aroma! This is a great take-away because who doesn’t love Bath and Body Works?


Another fun party favor is to ‘glitterfy’ mini bottles of champagne! If pink isn’t part of your color theme, you can choose a different colored glitter to match your theme! Timesha from Catch My Party created this party favor for a baby shower, but they can be used for any type of party—of course for those who are of age to drink!

We hope that these Parisian party ideas have inspired you to host your own Paris party! Now the only question is what kind of color scheme are you going to go with?






Friday Finds – Paint Chip DIY Projects

  • August 21, 2015

Paint chips are very helpful when you’re deciding on the perfect paint color for your home! The next time you head to the hardware store, grab a handful of your favorite colored swatches and save them for one of these DIY projects! Whether you’re looking to create new home decor or need to wrap a present, these projects are right up your alley!


From Left to Right; Top to Bottom: 

1. Create an ombre inspired paint chip wreath with very few materials! Style At Home provides instructions on how to create this gorgeous wreath on her blog! The best thing about this project is that you can create a wreath in any color that you’d like!

2. Are you tired of wrapping presents in the same old wrapping paper? Try out Pretty Hand Girl’s paint chipped wrapped present project. The best way to create this design is by wrapping your gift in a box first and create a ‘sleeve’ that surrounds the box.

3. Are you looking for a unique chandelier? Hey Gorg will walk you through how to create this chic design with paint chips, scissors, thread and a lamp shade base! Also, when choosing the perfect shape for the ‘shade’, create unique shapes using scrapbook paper punches!

4. Are you in need of some new coasters? Crafty CPA creates this project with some tile, paint chips and Mod Podge! The best thing about her blog post is that she provides feedback, tips and trips on how to perfect this project the first time around.

We hope that these DIY projects have inspired you to take a trip to the hardware store and browse the paint chip aisle. The ombre wreath is definitely on our to-do list this weekend.

Happy Friday!


Fridge Makeover Ideas

  • August 19, 2015

A refrigerator can be a bit of an eye sore in your kitchen. If you’re not a big fan of how your ol’ fridge looks, instead of buying a brand new one, why not try one of these easy DIY projects! These ideas will be sure to inspire you to makeover your own fridge and make it the focal point of the room.


Don’t be discouraged. Even if you’re renting, you can still makeover your fridge! Pocketful Of Pretty transformed her rental’s black fridge into a chevron lover’s paradise. All she used was white contact paper, a ruler and some scissors! This easy project will add style to your kitchen and can be easily removed when it’s time to move!

Another inexpensive solution that can be utilized by all you renters, is creating a striped look by using duct tape! Rachel Schultz used about 2 rolls of duct tape to cover her entire fridge. The metallic sheen to the tape gives the fridge an elegant and expensive look, don’t you think?


A Beautiful Mess created this Turkish Kilim Rug inspired decoration on her fridge by using just two supplies;  electrical tape and scissors—how easy is that! She recommends sketching out a pattern on a piece of paper first so you have the design laid out before you start applying the tape. But if you want more for a freehand look, go for it!


This fridge is completely covered in contact paper from head to toe! Shoe String Pavilion utilized the white of the fridge to add a bit of negative space to add depth to the design. This can also go the same for black fridges (or any color for that matter), simply use a contrasting colored contact paper to embrace what’s underneath.

Instead of displaying a couple photographs on your fridge—-create a real statement by creating a collage of Polaroids on your fridge! Design Sponge not only shows off her friends, family and special moments, she also paints small portions of the fridge a melon color! This ties in the color scheme with the rest of the room.

If you have your own fridge and are ready for a BIG change, why not paint it? Cozy Crooked Cottage shows just how to transform an old white fridge into a statement piece! She even offers tips on how to clean up paint afterwards, that gets trapped inside. So helpful!


Chalkboard paint is ALL the rage lately and fridges are not forgotten when it comes to this trend. The Kurtz Corner provides helpful tips on how to create this look for your fridge! The great thing about this project is that you and your family can ‘decorate’ time and again when it’s all finished.


If you want to go for more of an abstract paint job, like Design Asylum the key is frog tape! This wonderful product will allow for crisp and clean lines to make your design POP! Remember that darker paint colors will require more coats to ensure that it has that ‘deep’ tone to it.


We just HAD to include this fridge makeover because it’s just so darn clever! If you have a spare fridge and have the space, create your very own Kegerator! Stephen Turner covered an old rusty fridge with chalkboard paint and then drilled holes to allow for shanks to be installed for the beer to start flowing! This is a great solution for a large event that provides different beer options for all your guests.

We’re sure that once you read this, you’ll be looking at your fridge and think ‘you need a face lift!’. We hope that you grab some paint, tape or contact paper and get to transforming your old fridge into a masterpiece this weekend. Have fun!



Train Party Ideas

  • August 17, 2015

Is your little one a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine? Trains are a HUGE hit when it comes to a little boy’s birthday party theme. If you need some inspiration to create the perfect ‘Thomas’ train party, look no further!
traintracksLets start with decorations! Mom Endeavors applied electrical tape to her tile floors to create a fun railroad track. This is fun because it’s an interactive decor idea, because the kids will want to play on it and it’s easy to remove!


This adorable dessert table isn’t complete with a ‘Choo Choo’ sign above the table. Space Ships and Laser Beams created this sign with black foam core and hand stitched the lettering with string! Simply write the phrase in pencil and use a large sewing needle to stitch the letters.

Our Choo Choo Train Fun Printed Wall Decal is a great addition to party decor! The best thing about our Printed Wall Decals is that they are removable and re-usable! Once the party is over, apply the decal to your child’s bedroom to remind them of the great birthday party they had.

A train related tablescape is very easy to create. Simply grab your child’s wooden train tracks, add a few of Thomas and his friends and encircle all the party food! Paper and Cake uses printable cards to label all the treats on the table.


A fun way to offer party treats is by making your own ‘train cars’. Catch My Party covers boxes with craft paper and labels each ‘car’ with train related names. You can put a train spin on almost any party food, such as ‘log train’ for pretzels and ‘corn train’ for popcorn!


Another great addition to a food table is by adding pieces of AstroTurf under makeshift railroad tracks—using popsicle sticks and tape! Catch My Party also uses food tins and adds simple ‘wheels’ to create mini train cars.


A sandwich shaped as a train? How cute and delicious is that? Redtri uses a cookie cutter in the shape of a train and creates mini sandwiches that will excite all your guests.

A great way to get your party guests in the ‘train mood’ is by giving out train conductor hats as party favors! Catch My Party displayed the hats on the dinner table along with red bandannas to create the perfect red and blue color scheme for their party.

A fun craft project that can be done by all ages is to decorate wooden trains with acrylic paints as shown on Bebeh Blog. These wooden trains can be found at most craft stores and are very inexpensive. Once the paint has dried they can be taken home as a party favor.

TrainwhistleFavorsA very traditional / vintage party favor for a train themed party is of course the train whistle via The Cards We Drew. This fun trinket can be used during the party and can also be a fun toy to have for years to come.

We hope that these ideas have gotten you expired to tackle a train inspired party for your little one’s next birthday party! Everyone will be sure to jump on the train and enjoy themselves, no matter your age!



Friday Finds – DIY Lunch Boxes

  • August 14, 2015

Bringing your own lunch to work has its benefits. It’s easier to stay healthy when you have control of what you’re eating, plus you save so much money by not going out and buying lunch! Check out these four funky DIY Lunch Box projects that will have you feeling proud to carry your home-made lunch to work everyday.

DIYLunchBoxFrom Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. This DIY No Sew Faux Leather Paper Bag is a great spin on the traditional paper lunch bag. The project takes about an hour to create and will have all your co-workers asking you where you got it!

2. Hideous Dreadful Stinky offers this great idea for a lunch sack! She adds a zipper strap that can be used to put over your shoulder if you’re taking your lunch somewhere other than the break room. She offers a full tutorial with pictures to teach you just how to create this design.

3. This Bento Lunch Bag is the perfect way to store a standard two-tiered bento box. But you can store anything in this drawstring bag including Tupperware containers. Smashed Peas and Carrots uses adorable hippo fabric, but you can use any fabric that suits you!

4. Transform an old briefcase into lunch box that will transport you from your concrete jungle into a serene oasis. Design Sponge made this design with just a few supplies and makes eating lunch that much more enjoyable! Does anyone else want to go on a picnic now?

We hope that these DIY Lunch Box projects have inspired you to pack up your own lunch and skip the fast food drive-thru next week. Have a lovely weekend!


Back To School – Classroom Decor

  • August 12, 2015

It’s August, which means school is almost back in session. A teacher’s work is never done, even in the summer. If you teachers need some last minute classroom decorating ideas, look no further! Here are tons of great ideas that will get you and your students excited for the year to come!

IMG_4006This easy to create wreath is a great way to invite all your new students into the classroom. September Ninth Designs provides a video tutorial on just how to create this school themed wreath! All you will need are crayons, ribbon, a wreath base and some school friendly decorative images.

P1010528Storybook Bunting is a great way to add a pop of color and interest in a reading nook in the classroom. 4th Grade Frolics incorporated laminated book covers and glued them on a black and white polka dot ribbon. The fun thing is that once the school year is over, these book covers can also get framed as prints!


These Home Depot Nail Aprons aren’t just for construction workers anymore! Nerdy Teacher Confessions shows just how easy it is to add extra storage to a desk space by tying an apron on the back of a chair for book and pencil storage for each student!


A fun and modern way to teach your students their ABC’s is with our Alphabet Tree Wall Decal! A fun classroom activity would be for each student to apply one leaf to the tree, which will have them feel like a part of adding decor to your walls.

Scarecrow-Door-DisplayDuring the holiday seasons, it’s always fun to dress up your door! This Scarecrow Fall Door is such a creative decor idea! MPM School Supplies describes just how easy it is to create this display with craft paper and some tape!


Another great way to decorate for the holidays is by trying this easy tissue paper window decoration! Get Creative Juice shows the power of fabric starch! With a few sprays of this magical substance your designs will stick to your windows like magic!
Art Center 7

Need some inspiration for the art area in your classroom? Burton Avenue utilized a whiteboard, magnets and magnetic tins to store and display art supplies. This not only is a great form of wall art, it also makes all the supplies easy to access for the students.
Wreaths-0212If you’re looking for a decorative AND functional wreath, this pencil and cork wreath is exactly what you’re looking for! Organize Your Stuff Now shows just how easy it is to create this design with a circular cork board, pencils and some crazy glue. Once it’s hanging on your door, you can pin any messages that you want your students to see as they enter the room.

We know that going back to school can be bittersweet, but with these decor ideas you can finally start getting excited for when the school bell rings. Happy Hump Day!