Metallic Spray Paint Fun

  • September 28, 2015

Spray paint comes in so many shades of colors, including metallics! Instead of going with a ‘safe’ color when you’re tackling your next DIY project, grab a can (or two) of metallic spray paint and get to painting!
afterDo you have old baskets collecting dust in your home? Why not spruce them up a bit by giving them a nice coat of metallic silver spray paint! This easy DIY Project by Two Delighted will transform your old baskets into something that you’ll proudly display in your home.

diy metallic dipped candles 3Are you looking for a quick, easy and chic gift? Oleander and Palm shows you how to create expensive looking Metallic Dipped Taper Candles in just a few easy steps! This DIY project can be completed in no time and will be a show stopping piece on any dining room table.

eat-2 Have you seen those expensive metal letters in magazines and for sale in high-end stores? Create your own so you don’t break the bank! Fabulessly Frugal bought paper mache letters from her local craft store and sprayed them with a hammered finish sliver spray paint! Such an easy wall decor project.

If you’re already planning ahead for the holidays, these spray painted branches are a perfect holiday decor idea! Wedding O Mania shows off these beautiful branches that look SO expensive and yet all you need is spray paint and some fallen branches from your backyard.
Gold-Spray-Painted-Stapler-Tape-DIY Are you looking for a way to add some ‘style’ into your office? Southern State of Mind adds some pizzazz to her office supplies by coating her stapler, tape dispenser, 3 hole punch and more with gold metallic spray paint! Now if anyone steals your stapler, you will be able to find the culprit in a hot second!IMG_2297-682x1024

If your fridge could use an updated set of magnets, then Inspired By Charm has the perfect project for you! Grab some magnetic letters/numbers, prime them and paint them with any type of metallic spray paint you’d like. Now this childhood favorite has a grown-up twist!mirrored-gazing-ball

Have you always wanted to have a gazing ball in your backyard? Well, now you can without spending tons of money! The Garden Glove created this show-stopping focal point by spray painting an old bowling ball with chrome metallic paint! Who would have thunk!straw bunting 4Are you looking for a funky bunting to add to your home? Oleander and Palm is at it again with another spray paint project! She creates this simple bunting by painting straws and threading string through. This bunting can be painted any color to match the season or the party theme, so get creative!

Isn’t metallic spray paint the best? We hope that these DIY projects have inspired you to grab some the next time you go to the hardware store.  The possibilities are endless!

Happy Hump Day!


Friday Finds – DIY Bath Goodies

  • September 25, 2015

Have you ever tried to make your own beauty products? If you’re intimidated by the whole process, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are four easy DIY projects that you can create and use in the bath or shower! Enjoy and we hope you feel ‘squeaky clean’ afterwards.


From Top to Bottom; From Left to Right:

1. If you’re a fan of bath bombs and don’t want to go out and buy some, you can make them! A Beautiful Mess gives all kinds of tips and tricks on how to create these beautiful bombs. The best part about making these, is that during the process your whole house will smell delicious!

2. Are you looking for a quick and easy project that will result in sweet smelling soap that’s great for your skin? Look no further! Happiness Is Homemade shows just how easy it is to create these Milk and Honey soap bars in just 10 minutes! Who else is in love with those soap silicon molds??

3. Have you discovered the wonders of sugar scrubs? Love Grows Wild creates this Mint Sugar Scrub with just a few ingredients that you will LOVE! This DIY project is so easy that it’s the perfect holiday or birthday gift! Make several batches and give to friends and loved ones.

4. Shower melts will ‘melt’ away stress and create quite the invigorating experience! Krystal’s Kitsch offers a recipe and instructions on how to create these melts which will create the perfect minty aroma in your shower. Once they are created, all you need to do is place a melt on the floor of the shower, turn on hot water and you’re done!

We hope that these DIY beauty products have inspired you to stay at home and get crafty instead of going to your local store to pick up these products! We’re sure that you will enjoy the creative process and the end results!

Happy Friday!


Fall Party Ideas

  • September 23, 2015

Today is officially the first day of Autumn! If you’re a fan of cooler nights and falling leaves, we are sure that you’ve been looking forward to this date since Summer began! We have rounded up tons of Fall party ideas to get you ready to celebrate this wonderful season!

streamerIf you’re needing some inspiration on how to bring the fall season into your home, Oh Happy Day offers a great decor idea! All you will need is Crepe Paper sheets and scissors! By fringing both sides of the paper, you will be able to create your own make-shift streamers in no time.
Halloween Party Candy Corn BannerIs candy corn one of your favorite treats during this season? The Pin Junkie creates this candy corn banner by simply painting paper plates and cutting them into triangles! Next, you can use twine or ribbon to string up your little candy corn pieces as a banner. pumpkin_sign_holder_halloween_party_decor_1Does anyone else get excited when mini pumpkins start showing up in their grocery store? A Fabulous Fete uses these tiny pumpkins for free standing sign holders for food! All you need to do is to drill a small hole into the pumpkin, pop a skewer into the hole and tape your sign! 
100023483.jpg.rendition.largestTurn a pumpkin into a festive bowl to fill with snacks and treats! Better Homes and Gardens uses a hallowed-out pumpkin and places a cloth inside to hold the chips. To add even more ‘Fall flair’, set the pumpkin on a bed of twigs and berries!
pumpkin02_o Speaking of pumpkins…. Do you want to add a touch of silly and spooky fun? Fanged pumpkins will have all your guests smiling and wanting to make their own! Future Girl shows you just how easy it is to create these ‘scary’ pumpkin friends! All you need a few mini pumpkins, plastic fangs and some pins.DSC_2173Let’s continue onto the pumpkin theme and talk about sweet treats! These healthy clementine pumpkins will be devoured in minutes! One Little Project peels each clementine and cuts little pieces of celery for the pumpkin ‘stem’.  If you’re having a hard time getting your kids to eat healthy, this type of ‘disguise’ may just work!
Halloween-Trail-MixWho isn’t a fan of trail mix? The House of Hendrix uses a plethora of tasty treats to create their own ‘fall themed’ trail mix! If you need inspiration on what exactly you’d like to put in your own trail mix—always remember to have a nice balance of sweet and salty!How-to-Roast-Pumpkin-Seeds-The-Lemon-Bowl

Speaking of salty… Pumpkin seeds are one of our favorite snacks to indulge on during the Fall season. The Lemon Bowl provides a very helpful hint on how to bake crispy seeds that won’t be burnt. Boil the seeds before you bake them! Since the insides of the seed take longer to cook than the shell, boiling them will cut the cooking time immensely! wash down all those tasty treats, this Candy Corn Punch will come to the rescue! Karas Party Ideas provides the reciepe to this bright and sweet drink that will be quite the centerpiece to your drink table. The first layer is lemon jello, then orange soda, then whipped cream. YUM!Healthy-Halloween-Candy-Corn-Snack-Family-Fresh-MealsIf you’d like to offer a healthy alternative for dessert at your party, this candy corn snack is so easy to make and will feed into your sweet tooth without loading feeling sick afterwards. All you need is pineapple, clementines and whipped cream! This is a great visual treat that will have all your guests asking for more.

We hope that these party ideas have gotten you excited to celebrate this season and impress all your guests with your party hosting skills.

Happy Hump Day AND Autumn!


Harry Potter Party Ideas

  • September 21, 2015

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, this blog post is for you! A Harry Potter themed party is great for party goers of all ages! Check out these fun party ideas to get you inspired to host your very own magical party. 2015-09-17 11-42-08

Hedwig HAS to be a guest at your party! If you don’t want an actual owl flying around your house, these balloons are a perfect substitution. Lizzy Write creates these balloons by using black / yellow sharpies and a white balloon! This decor idea will be a big ‘hoot’ for your guests!
DSC_0199Add a spooky touch to your party with this DIY Dementor project. Over The Big Moon creates this creepy decoration by using balloons, cheesecloth and fabric stiffener! These will be a big hit at your party and can be used time and time again when Halloween rolls around. 529--Hogwarts-House-Banners

For a fun activity, sort your party goers into the iconic four different houses and provide them with DIY scarves to represent their new houses! Pieces By Polly provides step by step instructions on how to design and sew up your very own scarves! Your guests can wear theirs during the party and any other time when it’s a bit chilly out. DSC_0281-428x600This is by far our favorite party decor idea that really sets the tone of a Harry Potter party! Eating Bender used a night sky tapestry for the ‘enchanted ceiling’, which was a very clever way to get that magical ceiling look! To find out how to create the candles, check out Harry Potter Party Ideas for this project and MANY more ideas.

IMG_1599A Harry Potter party isn’t complete without your very own wands! Your Life Uncommon provides you with a picture tutorial on how to create these magical wands with just a few supplies. The best part about this DIY project is that every wand will be a little different, which will be a real treat for your guests. DSC_2126

Are you trying to decide what would be a tasty snack that’s Harry Potter themed? These Cheese Pretzel Broomsticks are a fun and delicious treat that will be ‘swooped’ up in no time! All you need are pretzel sticks, string cheese and some chives for the string! Get the low down on how to create the ‘broom’ part via One Little Project6a00d83452a63369e20115720b1c1d970b-800wiSpeaking of broom sticks…. These mini Firebolts will be sure to add a magical flair to any drink that you’re serving at your party! Find out how to create these broomstick drink stirrers by visiting Heather Bailey’s blog. While you’re there, you can also get the recipe for the delicious Butterbeer that these broomsticks are sitting in.

DSC07676In The Sorcerer’s Stone book, these magical frogs really surprised Harry! Now it’s time to surprise your guests by serving up your own version of chocolate frogs! Boo Turtle found an adorable candy frog mold at her local cake decorating shop and filled the molds with chocolate. How easy is that? 2015-09-17 11-41-25


If you’re not up to making a cake for the party, why not make these Golden Snitch Cake Pops instead! With Sprinkles covered her pops in gold sprinkles which REALLY make these magical treats something special. Now see how fast these pops ‘fly’ off the dessert table!

We hope that these Harry Potter Party ideas have gotten you inspired to host your very own magical bash! Now is the perfect time, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

Have a magical week!



DIY Autumn Leaf Projects

  • September 18, 2015

Are the leaves changing color and falling where you live? Why not bring some of that autumn ‘feel’ into your home with one of these easy DIY autumn leaf projects!

LeafDIYFrom Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. These autumn leaf bowls will be the perfect addition to any party! Hello Lucky creates this bowl by using faux leaves from the craft store, however this can also be done with real leaves as well! Blow up a balloon, start applying Mod Podge and leaves until you’ve created a bowl shape! So easy and gorgeous.

2. Tiny string lights always remind us of the holidays. Wallflower Girl first preserves her leaves by sandwiching each leaf between two sheets of wax paper and ironing for a few seconds until the leaves have been sufficiently coated. Then she simply glued each leaf to the base of the light bulb and you’re ready to hang the garland!

3. Do you like creating ambiance using candles? Then Spark and Chemistry’s  will be right up your alley! Simply Mod Podge leaves to the outside of a mason jar, tie some twine around the top and you’re ready to light a candle! These would be perfect gifts for the holidays or for party hosts.

4.  Create maple leaf wall art with this easy DIY project by Just A Girl Blog. Once again you use Mod Podge (the wonder craft product) and start to layer the leaves onto a stenciled board base. You can create a maple leaf design or any other type of design you’d like!

We hope that these DIY projects have gotten you in the mood to create some ‘autumn-esque’ decor for your home! Before you know it, Halloween will be here and you’ll be preparing your best recipes for Turkey Day!

Happy Friday!



Wood Pallet Projects

  • September 16, 2015

Wood pallets are very easy to come by and can be transformed into so many things! Whether you have your own wood shop or you’re limited with your crafting skills, we have plenty of ideas that can be completed by many skill sets. It’s time to grab a wood pallet (or two) and get creating!

Store garage tools

Lets start with a simply storage hack for your garage! Fix Lovely doesn’t even deconstruct this pallet! All you need to do is lay it on it’s side, drill a few holes into the wall (for stability) and start storing your yard equipment. 2.1

Are you looking for a rustic wine rack to add to your home? The Kurtz Corner will walk you through how to design these pallet racks that will have you proudly displaying your wine bottles and wine glasses in no time!a4key51f79066a711b

Do you want to revamp your fence without breaking the bank? This pallet fence is the perfect solution! Home Talk recommends going with light weight pallets and create stabilization by placing boards in the front and back of the fence, to keep it solid. How-to-Use-Pallet-Shelves-from-Martys-Musings-11

A great way to create extra storage is by hanging a wood pallet! Marty’s Musings hung this pallet backwards, so the underside is showing. This allows for some ‘shelves’ in your space and adds a funky/rustic focal point to the room.
IMGP4473 Another great storage solution (especially in the bathroom) is created by Skinny Meg. She stained a wood pallet that she bought at IKEA for $2 and hung some jars with pipe fittings! The storage possibilities are endless when it comes to this hanging pallet.

P8170211 (1)

Cathey With An E displays her glorious pallet headboard on her blog! She lucked out and found this pallet next to her work and was able to take it home for free! First she sanded the whole thing to make it smooth. Then she hung the headboard (by screwing the headboard onto 2 x 4 pieces of wood) and applied bird decals to the wood to add some interest. pallet-day-bed1

A patio daybed? Who would have thought that you can create one out of pallets! Lovely Greens shows just how to create your very own day bed that will delight your family and your furry friends! The great thing about this project is that it can transform a space that is rarely used into a space will be used constantly!Pallet-Wood-Wall-Storage-Rack-via-KnickofTime.net_

An entry way hook and storage catty is a great solution for all those items you come in with and don’t know what to do with! Knick of Time created this ingenious wood rack by cutting a portion of the pallet and applying hooks. The best part about this project is that it even has a little storage compartment for other things too!

***We would like to take a moment to the mention the chemical treatment of wood pallets. When you’re on the hunt for a pallet to create one of these projects, keep an eye out for the black stamp that is applied to the wood. If the code states ‘HT’ your pallet has been heat treated—not chemically treated, this is a good thing! ‘HT’ means that it’s safe to use. However, if the code states ‘MB’ the pallet was treated with chemical ‘methyl bromide’ and is NOT safe to use. Luckily these days, most wood pallets are heat treated and are safe to use, but always be on the lookout for those stamps!***

We hope that these projects have shown you just how easy and versatile these wood pallets are to transform! Now all you need to do is stock up and free up your weekend for some crafting! Have fun and be safe.

Happy Hump Day!


Casino Night Party Ideas

  • September 11, 2015

A casino night party is the perfect theme to get your guests excited to come and play a few hands of their favorite card games! If you don’t know where to start with decorating for a party with this theme, don’t worry! We have tons of ideas to get you inspired to host your very own casino night!


Lets talk about centerpieces! There are so many different ways you can go when you have a casino theme. Kara’s Party Ideas created this house of cards that is the perfect addition to any table! Also, you can glue the cards together so you won’t have to worry about it collapsing in the middle of your party!

Poker chips are a main staple when it comes to a casino night! Catch My Party filled up vases with poker chips, with some playing cards and created the perfect poker centerpiece! You could also add a few chocolate coins in with the poker chips to create a ‘sweet’ surprise for your guests!

Every Little Detail Event created a nice ambiance with these candle vases. Simply fill the bottom of the vase up with dice and stick a candle in the middle! This will create a nice ‘glow’ to your party and will also tie in the color theme of black, white and red.

Why not combine all three of these ideas and fill up a huge martini glass! Grab some poker chips, dice AND playing cards and you have a centerpiece that will be sure to impress your guests and get them ready to play! Catch My Party again utilized the black, white and red theme to tie everything together. casino+party+napkin+ringsWe have found two great ways to tie in your casino theme with playing cards! Indulge Party Blog made napkin rings out of playing cards and wrapped up silverware with red napkins. She also embellished the vases with cards and ribbon to complete the look. 

This DIY project from Oh My Creative is so easy that you’ll be done with it in no time! All you will need are playing cards, black ribbon, napkins and a hole punch! These napkin rings would look perfect around the dinner table!PlayingCardBanner-578x385

A casino party isn’t complete without a playing card garland! Paging Supermom creates this simple garland with some yarn, playing cards and a hot glue gun! This can be used to line tables or hang on the wall!B-1164

A fun photobooth will be sure to spark your guest’s interest! Grey Grey Designs features a large cardboard cut out King and Queen playing cards that will have everyone laughing and taking tons of photos to keep as mementos.


Are you having a hard time deciding on what type of cupcake topper you want to use? Catch My Party uses corners of playing cards to top their cupcakes! The red sprinkles and white frosting also works perfectly for the party theme! casino+party+favorsParty favors are a MUST! Indulge Party Blog bagged up delicious licorice by using playing cards and ribbon! They will be a fun treat to take home with you, to remind you of the fun and money you won at the party!DiceFavorsThese bags of dice are a fun take-away for guests! Paging Supermom went above and beyond by sewing the ziplock bags with fabric and even adding a little ’21’ tag! These will come in handy whenever a guest wants to host their very own casino party!

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to take a ‘gamble’ and throw you very own casino night party soon! We are sure that you and your guests will have a blast!


Friday Finds – DIY Fridge Magnets

  • September 11, 2015

Are you getting bored of the same ol’ magnets that have been on your fridge for years? Spruce up that big appliance in your kitchen with one of these DIY Magnet projects! Or you could tackle all four projects for a fun mix and match look.

DIYMagnetsFrom Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. Do you have tons of instagram photos that you just WISH you could have hard copy of? Photojojo creates these magnetic photo tiles by printing out photos from her computer, gluing them to mat board, glazing the pictures with Mod Podge and sticking a magnet on the back. How easy is that??

2. Do you want to bring the beach to your kitchen? Cereusart creates these simple magnets by grabbing a few pieces of sea glass (which she sells) and gluing a magnet to the back! These magnets are a great addition to any fridge, especially when the kitchen already has a beach theme.

3. Do you have tons of bottle caps laying around your house? Why not transform them into fridge magnets! Pastill simply spray paints the caps, glues a magnet to the back of each cap and draws a silly doodle on the front! Even if you’re not the best when it comes to drawing, it’s okay — the funkier the better!

4. Do you leave notes to your family on the fridge? Instead of writing out the note, spell it out with these DIY Ransom Note Magnets! Mod Podge Rocks Blog gives the lowdown on how to create these fun magnets that will have everyone playing with these magnets!

We hope that these DIY projects have inspired you to get crafty this weekend and make new magnets for your fridge! It’s always feels so great when you re-do a space in your home and the fridge is an easy appliance to forget about! Now grab some magnets and have some fun!

Have a great weekend!



Potluck Party Ideas

  • September 09, 2015

Hosting a dinner party can be a lot of work and very stressful! Take off some of the stress by hosting a potluck party instead! All your guests will be impressed with your hosting skills and you can relax ‘just’ a bit knowing that you have your bases covered!



When you’re getting prepared for your party, this chart from Mom’s Budget will come in handy! Make sure to keep note of who is coming and what they’re bringing. That way you can make sure that 5 people aren’t bringing a Caesar Salad!  

It’s also a great idea to keep your guests informed as to what you have on hand—such as bowls, spices and oven space! My Domaine states that this allows your guests to skip the super complicated dishes and go for something quick and easy so no one is slaving in the kitchen during the party.

While your guests are filling you in on what they’re planning on bringing, request the recipe so you can print them out for other guests! BHG provides this genius tip, because we all know that everyone is going to want to know how you made those killer potatoes.

A chic way to label your dishes and drinks is by creating your own table signs out of counter top tiles! Madigan Man uses funky vinyl decals and dry erase pens to tie together this unique look for her party. What a great idea!chalkboard-runner-for-a-lovely-dessert-table-look

Are you a fan of writing with chalk? Our Chalkboard Wall Decal would be perfect to use for dish labels! Simply peel and stick onto your serving table and start labeling all your dishes. Inspiration was provided by B Lovely Events.

Have you ever been at a party, pile up your plate, sit down and realize you didn’t grab a fork? Don’t let that happen to your guests! Over The Big Moon offers the perfect solution with these rustic burlap utensil holders! This DIY project is no-sew and very easy to create.img_2172

If no one has chosen to make dessert, a great option is to have everyone bring their favorite ice cream topping. Provide a variety of ice cream and let your guests decorate their dessert however they’d like. We’re sure that some of your guests will get adventurous and try toppings they’ve never thought to use! DIY-washable-reusable-bowl-covers-15If your guests are a bit worried about traveling with their dishes, direct them to The Gracious Wife’s DIY project! These bowl covers are reusable AND washable! This will take the worry out of your guest’s mind and will come in handy for future potluck parties!

We hope that these tips and tricks make your next potluck party a breeze! Now all you have to do is wrangle some of your friends and start brainstorming about what dishes to make!



Mason Jar Update

  • September 04, 2015

Mason jars can be found everywhere these days! Instead of leaving these jars in their ‘regular’ clear glass state, try out one of these four projects to transform your jars into something special! All you will need are a few supplies and you will have a unique jar in no time!MasonJarDIY

From Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. Do you want to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your life? My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia has the project for you! To make this glitter jar, all you will need is some Mod Podge, glitter and a Mason Jar!

2. Are you forever searching for these jars with the vintage tint? Stop looking and make your own! Momtastic tints Mod Podge with food coloring and mixes it in each jar. Next, ‘bake’ the jars in the oven until the glue has cleared and there aren’t any streaks.

3. To create a ‘chalky’ finish to your Mason Jars, Love Of Family And Home recommends using chalkboard paint as a base coat! Once the chalkboard paint has dried, you can paint over it with any color you’d like. Once all the coats of paint are dry sand over the wording on the jar to reveal the text and add some dimension.

4. Did you know that you can ‘frost’ glass with Elmer’s glue? A Beautiful Mess provides instructions on how to do just that! All you will need to do is brush on the glue and let it dry! This creates the perfect snowed glass effect in no time. This technique will create the perfect mood in any room.

We hope that these projects have inspired you to transform the Mason Jars in your home! We think the ‘frosted’ jars will come in handy when the holiday season rolls around, don’t ya think?