National Donut Day DIY

  • June 05, 2015

Happy Friday AND Happy National Donut Day! In the spirit of this delicious holiday here are four ‘sweet’ DIY projects to try out this weekend!


Studio DIY is an AMAZING blog. If you don’t already have her bookmarked, we’re sure you will now! These four projects are hers and as you can see she has a ‘thing’ for donuts.

From Top to Bottom & Left to Right:

1. Did you know that Donut shaped balloons is a thing? Well, most party stores carry this shapely balloon which makes the DIY Donut Balloon project a breeze! Perfect for your next party of just to add a pop of color in your space!

2. Mini pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween anymore. With just some acrylic paint and a paintbrush, you can transform these little guys into Mini Donuts!

3. A piñata is always a ‘hit’ at a party, a donut shaped one is even BETTER! This DIY Project will be sure to surprise your guests and get them excited to find out what’s inside!

4. Why not customize your purse a bit with this DIY Donut Purse tutorial. It will make everyone you pass get a craving for donuts.

We hope that these Donut DIY Projects have inspired you to get out there are celebrate this national holiday by either crafting or munching on glazed goodness. Either way, we hope you have a lovely weekend! 


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