Marbling DIY Projects

  • August 28, 2015

Marbling is a beautiful technique that creates a design that is unique and cannot be repeated exactly the same way! There are many different techniques of how to create this design and we have chosen four different DIY projects to introduce you to how easy this technique is!

MarbleDIYFront Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. A great introduction to create your very own marbling effect is by using foam shaving cream! Honestly WTF shows just how easy it is to make unique envelopes by pressing paper on top of foam shaving cream and food coloring! This is such a fun project that even children can participate.

2. Another marbling project that you can do with paper is explained by A Beautiful Mess. She uses oil paints and thickened water to create these abstract images that really make a statement on her walls!

3. Did you know that you can marble mugs with nail polish? DIY Candy created this design in no time by putting a few drops of nail polish in hot water, dipping a mug in and letting it dry. It’s that easy and creates a fantastic result!

4. Have you been wanting to update your napkins at home? Sugar And Charm provides tips and tricks on how to create you own marbled fabric! You don’t have to stop at napkins, you can create your own scarfs, shirts and even bags using this technique. The possibilities are endless.

We hope that these DIY projects have gotten you excited about this fun marbling technique. Whether you want to do something quick and easy like the nail polish mugs or go for something more intricate like the marbled paper, we are sure that you will love the end result.

Happy Friday!


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