Harry Potter Party Ideas

  • September 21, 2015

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, this blog post is for you! A Harry Potter themed party is great for party goers of all ages! Check out these fun party ideas to get you inspired to host your very own magical party.
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Hedwig HAS to be a guest at your party! If you don’t want an actual owl flying around your house, these balloons are a perfect substitution. Lizzy Write creates these balloons by using black / yellow sharpies and a white balloon! This decor idea will be a big ‘hoot’ for your guests!
DSC_0199Add a spooky touch to your party with this DIY Dementor project. Over The Big Moon creates this creepy decoration by using balloons, cheesecloth and fabric stiffener! These will be a big hit at your party and can be used time and time again when Halloween rolls around. 529--Hogwarts-House-Banners

For a fun activity, sort your party goers into the iconic four different houses and provide them with DIY scarves to represent their new houses! Pieces By Polly provides step by step instructions on how to design and sew up your very own scarves! Your guests can wear theirs during the party and any other time when it’s a bit chilly out. DSC_0281-428x600This is by far our favorite party decor idea that really sets the tone of a Harry Potter party! Eating Bender used a night sky tapestry for the ‘enchanted ceiling’, which was a very clever way to get that magical ceiling look! To find out how to create the candles, check out Harry Potter Party Ideas for this project and MANY more ideas.

IMG_1599A Harry Potter party isn’t complete without your very own wands! Your Life Uncommon provides you with a picture tutorial on how to create these magical wands with just a few supplies. The best part about this DIY project is that every wand will be a little different, which will be a real treat for your guests. DSC_2126

Are you trying to decide what would be a tasty snack that’s Harry Potter themed? These Cheese Pretzel Broomsticks are a fun and delicious treat that will be ‘swooped’ up in no time! All you need are pretzel sticks, string cheese and some chives for the string! Get the low down on how to create the ‘broom’ part via One Little Project6a00d83452a63369e20115720b1c1d970b-800wiSpeaking of broom sticks…. These mini Firebolts will be sure to add a magical flair to any drink that you’re serving at your party! Find out how to create these broomstick drink stirrers by visiting Heather Bailey’s blog. While you’re there, you can also get the recipe for the delicious Butterbeer that these broomsticks are sitting in.

DSC07676In The Sorcerer’s Stone book, these magical frogs really surprised Harry! Now it’s time to surprise your guests by serving up your own version of chocolate frogs! Boo Turtle found an adorable candy frog mold at her local cake decorating shop and filled the molds with chocolate. How easy is that?
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If you’re not up to making a cake for the party, why not make these Golden Snitch Cake Pops instead! With Sprinkles covered her pops in gold sprinkles which REALLY make these magical treats something special. Now see how fast these pops ‘fly’ off the dessert table!

We hope that these Harry Potter Party ideas have gotten you inspired to host your very own magical bash! Now is the perfect time, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

Have a magical week!



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