Geometric Home Decor

  • June 08, 2015

Geometric decor can add eye-catching design that will transform any space. Here are great examples to make the most out of these modern shapes in your home.


DIY geometric paper sculptures may look like a project that’s out of your league, but don’t be discouraged! Here is an easy step-by-step video that will help you create this gorgeous geometric wall art that will impress everyone who enters your space.


Brass and Copper tubing is all the rage lately. There are so many copper pipe DIY projects out there in the world and this one is quite unique! This modern side table is easy to make, trendy and quite the statement piece.  Display in your bedroom for a nightstand or in your living room for a side table.

Our Corner 3D Art Wall Decal will be sure to trip out your guests when they walk into the room. Apply in the corner  and it will be sure to add dimension to any space.



Your can create this geometric lamp DIY project by just using mat board, a thrifted lamp, and glue! Who would have thought that with just a few items, you can create a lamp that will work great in an office, bedroom or living room.



If you’re looking for some modern party decorations these easy to make Geometric Lanterns will be such a hit that you might keep them up all year round! By just folding, taping and hanging, these lanterns will be up in no time!


With that extra mat board that you have left over from the Geometric Lamp project, create your very own Geometric Pencil Cups! With the same technique, these cups could hold anything—pencils, pens, flowers, snacks—you name it!



If you’re a bit apprehensive on incorporating geometrics in your home, this understated Copper Geometric Candle Holder is a great choice! It would be perfect for a dinner centerpiece or to light at night when you’re ready to kick back and watch your favorite shows.



Wanting to add a little ‘spice’ to your kitchen? Then these Geo Salt and Pepper Shakers are just for you! Enjoy having little sculptures on your table that you can’t help but want to grab to season your food.

We hope that these geometric designs have inspired you to add some ‘shape’ into your space. We are about to grab our spare mat board and start crafting. Happy Monday everyone!



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