Friday Finds – Watercolor Projects

  • August 07, 2015

The possibilities with watercolor are endless! You can create gift tags, greeting cards, artwork and more! This art form can be enjoyed by everyone, including those who don’t think they have much skill in the painting department. Here are four easy watercolor projects that will get you excited about watercolors!

WaterColorCollageFrom Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

1. By using a basic stencil, you can create a gorgeous work of art that will take no time at all! Kate’s Creative Space shows just how easy it is to create these beautiful works of art! She also starts to play with a few rubber stamps to add some contrast and interest to the stencil.

2. Finding the perfect greeting card in the stores isn’t easy! So why not create your own instead! Melissa Esplin gives great tips on how to perfect your lettering and how to use your paint brush to make solid strokes.

3. Play around with creating gradients on gift tags. Eat Drink Chic created these gift tags by cutting tags out of watercolor paper with a craft punch. Remember, you always want to use watercolor paper, otherwise the paint will not apply properly.

4. A handmade clock will make any space feel THAT more special to you! Makers Society provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own watercolor clock!

These four projects have inspired me to grab my watercolor pallet and start painting this weekend! I hope that they’ve inspired you as well! Have a great weekend!



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