Friday Finds – DIY Coasters

  • July 17, 2015

Are you getting tired of those dingy coasters that are in your home? Here are four DIY Coaster Projects that you will proudly want to display on your coffee table or office desk!

DIY CoastersTop to Bottom, Left To Right:

1. These Hama Bead Coasters are great for children and adults! Create intricate or simply designs with hama beads, iron the design and you’ve got a vintage looking coaster!

2. Has it been windy in your area lately? Why not grab one of those fallen limbs and make these Tree Branch Coasters! Saw the limb in coaster size pieces, find a nature related stamp and stamp the surface. Make sure to apply a sealant on the wood to ensure that the stamp doesn’t bleed!

3. Are you a fan of night sky watching? Then these Constellation Coasters will be right up your alley! With just a few supplies, you will be able to brush up on your constellation knowledge in no time.

4. Wood pallets are very popular in the DIY world right now. Replicate this trend in a much smaller scale with these Mini Wood Pallet Coasters! You can keep the wood bare like a traditional pallet or add a touch of your own style with washi tape!

We hope that these DIY Projects have inspired you to update your coasters and get crafty this weekend. Won’t it feel nice to pour yourself a drink and place it on your new coaster? We think so too. Happy Friday!


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