Fall Party Ideas

  • September 23, 2015

Today is officially the first day of Autumn! If you’re a fan of cooler nights and falling leaves, we are sure that you’ve been looking forward to this date since Summer began! We have rounded up tons of Fall party ideas to get you ready to celebrate this wonderful season!

streamerIf you’re needing some inspiration on how to bring the fall season into your home, Oh Happy Day offers a great decor idea! All you will need is Crepe Paper sheets and scissors! By fringing both sides of the paper, you will be able to create your own make-shift streamers in no time.
Halloween Party Candy Corn BannerIs candy corn one of your favorite treats during this season? The Pin Junkie creates this candy corn banner by simply painting paper plates and cutting them into triangles! Next, you can use twine or ribbon to string up your little candy corn pieces as a banner. pumpkin_sign_holder_halloween_party_decor_1Does anyone else get excited when mini pumpkins start showing up in their grocery store? A Fabulous Fete uses these tiny pumpkins for free standing sign holders for food! All you need to do is to drill a small hole into the pumpkin, pop a skewer into the hole and tape your sign! 
100023483.jpg.rendition.largestTurn a pumpkin into a festive bowl to fill with snacks and treats! Better Homes and Gardens uses a hallowed-out pumpkin and places a cloth inside to hold the chips. To add even more ‘Fall flair’, set the pumpkin on a bed of twigs and berries!
pumpkin02_o Speaking of pumpkins…. Do you want to add a touch of silly and spooky fun? Fanged pumpkins will have all your guests smiling and wanting to make their own! Future Girl shows you just how easy it is to create these ‘scary’ pumpkin friends! All you need a few mini pumpkins, plastic fangs and some pins.DSC_2173Let’s continue onto the pumpkin theme and talk about sweet treats! These healthy clementine pumpkins will be devoured in minutes! One Little Project peels each clementine and cuts little pieces of celery for the pumpkin ‘stem’.  If you’re having a hard time getting your kids to eat healthy, this type of ‘disguise’ may just work!
Halloween-Trail-MixWho isn’t a fan of trail mix? The House of Hendrix uses a plethora of tasty treats to create their own ‘fall themed’ trail mix! If you need inspiration on what exactly you’d like to put in your own trail mix—always remember to have a nice balance of sweet and salty!How-to-Roast-Pumpkin-Seeds-The-Lemon-Bowl

Speaking of salty… Pumpkin seeds are one of our favorite snacks to indulge on during the Fall season. The Lemon Bowl provides a very helpful hint on how to bake crispy seeds that won’t be burnt. Boil the seeds before you bake them! Since the insides of the seed take longer to cook than the shell, boiling them will cut the cooking time immensely! Karas-Party-Ideas-KarasPartyIdeas.com-59To wash down all those tasty treats, this Candy Corn Punch will come to the rescue! Karas Party Ideas provides the reciepe to this bright and sweet drink that will be quite the centerpiece to your drink table. The first layer is lemon jello, then orange soda, then whipped cream. YUM!Healthy-Halloween-Candy-Corn-Snack-Family-Fresh-MealsIf you’d like to offer a healthy alternative for dessert at your party, this candy corn snack is so easy to make and will feed into your sweet tooth without loading feeling sick afterwards. All you need is pineapple, clementines and whipped cream! This is a great visual treat that will have all your guests asking for more.

We hope that these party ideas have gotten you excited to celebrate this season and impress all your guests with your party hosting skills.

Happy Hump Day AND Autumn!


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