DIY Autumn Leaf Projects

  • September 18, 2015

Are the leaves changing color and falling where you live? Why not bring some of that autumn ‘feel’ into your home with one of these easy DIY autumn leaf projects!

LeafDIYFrom Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. These autumn leaf bowls will be the perfect addition to any party! Hello Lucky creates this bowl by using faux leaves from the craft store, however this can also be done with real leaves as well! Blow up a balloon, start applying Mod Podge and leaves until you’ve created a bowl shape! So easy and gorgeous.

2. Tiny string lights always remind us of the holidays. Wallflower Girl first preserves her leaves by sandwiching each leaf between two sheets of wax paper and ironing for a few seconds until the leaves have been sufficiently coated. Then she simply glued each leaf to the base of the light bulb and you’re ready to hang the garland!

3. Do you like creating ambiance using candles? Then Spark and Chemistry’s  will be right up your alley! Simply Mod Podge leaves to the outside of a mason jar, tie some twine around the top and you’re ready to light a candle! These would be perfect gifts for the holidays or for party hosts.

4.  Create maple leaf wall art with this easy DIY project by Just A Girl Blog. Once again you use Mod Podge (the wonder craft product) and start to layer the leaves onto a stenciled board base. You can create a maple leaf design or any other type of design you’d like!

We hope that these DIY projects have gotten you in the mood to create some ‘autumn-esque’ decor for your home! Before you know it, Halloween will be here and you’ll be preparing your best recipes for Turkey Day!

Happy Friday!



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