Circus Party

  • June 15, 2015

Circus parties are very popular, especially during the summer months. Whether the party is for a young child or an adult, this theme will be sure to entertain guests of all ages! Here are some great Circus party ideas to get you inspired for your newt gathering.


When you think of circus, you think of peanuts, popcorn and deliciously fried treats! Project Nursery does a great job incorporating all of these delicious foods along with some healthier options as well, such as fruit kabobs and veggie cups! Draping a checkered sheet and adding some bunting above the food table creates the illusion of a circus tent without taking up too much space!


circus_carnival_vintage_birthday_party_theme_decorations_ideas_sIf you’d like to add a circus themed centerpiece without breaking the bank, Space Ships and Laser Beams will show you how! All you need is an old hat box and a roll of tickets and you will be able to create a cake shaped center piece in no time! Now you don’t have to worry about baking a real cake, you can simply craft one instead.



Another great use of ticket stubs is by using it as a base to display flowers or other ‘circus esque’ items. So Dazzling creates a classy take on a circus party with these muted colors. Don’t you just want to grab a handful of popcorn and play the bottle ring toss?


diy-carnival-party-ideas-6Speaking of the bottle ring toss, this game from Oriental Trading will  give your Circus party an authentic feel to it. You could also create a DIY version of this game by grabbing old bottles from your recycle bin. The best thing is—there are no rigged bottles, everyone wins!



Another classic circus game is the Tin Can Ball Toss. Lizon has shown a very crafty and creative way to decorate tin cans to give a very vintage look to them. This game will be sure to have a line of people waiting to see how many cans they can knock down in one throw.



A great way to create that Circus Tent ‘feel’ is by decorating the ceiling where your party is being held. By moving your guest’s eye up to one point, it will create the illusion of being in lofted tent like space! Such a great idea by ITS_Cheryl from Project Nursery!


Circus-Fun-color2-wall-decal-largeCreate the ultimate circus act scene with our Circus Fun Printed Wall Decal! This printed wall decal is removable, so if you’d like to apply it in one space for the party and in another space afterwards, it’s easy as peel and re-stick!



After a long day of indulging on tasty fried treats, the next thing you’re going to crave is sweet! Dear Crissy’s animal cracker cupcakes look and taste great and will be a memorable sweet treat at the end of the night. No matter your age, animal crackers will always make you feel like a kid again!


7Speaking of Animal Crackers…. A birthday party featured on Catch My Party, offered this nostalgic snack as a parting gift to all their guests. It’s an easy to-go gift that can be easily taking with your guests. That is if they can resist eating these crackers on the car ride home!


We hope that we’ve inspired you to create your very own Circus themed party this summer! Now it’s time to stock up on popcorn, ticket stubs and peanuts and you’ll have a party on your hands in no time!





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