Celebrate Chinese New Year

  • January 28, 2016

Chinese New Year is February 8th and 2016 is a year of the quick witted, intelligent, and very curious monkey. We have gathered some great DIY crafts and traditional foods to help you and your loved ones celebrate new beginnings!


DIY Craftschinese-characters-decoration

Teach your kids (or yourself) something new with these beautiful and educational Printable Chinese Characters by Activities for Kids.


Predict the year to come and have some fun in honor of the Monkey with these DIY Paper Fortune Cookies via E-Vite!


Scare unwanted spirits away with these noisy and joyous Chinese New Year Firecrackers from A China Family Adventure!


The dragon is an important symbol and a huge part of the Chinese New Year celebration. Bring good luck with these Chinese Dragon Mask by Itsy Bitsy Fun.


Born pranksters, monkeys are known to cause a raucous. Shake things up with this Monkey Plate Shaker by Make and Takes.


Red symbolizes good luck in the Chinese culture and you’ll be plenty lucky to hang these Chinese Lanterns from Nurture Store in or outside of your home.




  1. Spare Ribs
  2. Pomelo Salad
  3. Cucumber Salad
  4. Longevity Noodles
  5. Steamed Pork And Mushroom Shumai
  6. Lettuce Wraps

We hope you and your family have fun celebrating the Chinese New Year and honoring the year of the Red Monkey!


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