Wall Decal Inspiration: Abstract Swirly Vines Wall Decal

  • April 30, 2012

Part of what we’re know for here at Wallums is our amazing tree wall decals. Everyone loves ’em. But a little known fact is that people also enjoy our vines. We’ve got several designs that range from whimsical to literal. Today, we’re showing you one of our best-selling whimsical vine designs: The Abstract Swirly Vines Decal. Playfully fun and modern, it’s a perfect edition to any space, which is probably why it’s one of our best selling wall decals.



Wall Decal Inspiration: Favorites: Sunflower Wall Decals (in any color)!

  • April 27, 2012

Yesterday I picked some up sunflowers at the market. There’s something so cheerful and sunny about sunflowers. (I know, I know it seems redundant to say sunflowers are sunny, but they are sunny, especially with that bright yellow!) Still! So it will come as no surprise, then, that our beautiful sunflowers are also one of best selling wall decals here at wallums.


We’ve got 3 beautiful sunflower wall decals to choose from to add some natural beauty to your space all year round. (Bonus points: They never wilt!) There are our Single Color Sunflowers or this huge Sunflower Decal, either of which you can get in any color. Not into yellow? Try them in a metallic or get these lovely 2 Color Sunflowers in any color combination you like…! Isn’t it fun being able to play with nature? And that’s exactly why our sunflower wall decals are a favorite here at wallums!


Wall Decal Inspiration: Favorites: Whimsical Love Tree

  • April 23, 2012

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. There’s something so wonderful about seeing the trees start budding and spreading their branches against the sky. Perhaps that’s why our Whimsical Love Tree wall decal is such a favorite with our friends, fans, and followers— it has that lovely expansive, growing feeling that you can feel and see in the air, especially at this time of year!



Wall Decal Inspiration: Favorites: Star Gazing

  • April 16, 2012

It’s star gazing season and I was lucky enough to get to visit a huge telescope and observatory this last weekend. It was pretty amazing, they actually moved the roof to get everything into place! If you’re in a city, or it’s not quite the right weather where you are to roll out the blanket, add these stars to your space and you’ll have the stars to shine bright day and night all year round. You could print the stars in gold, too, for a super special gleam.