Casino Night Party Ideas

  • September 11, 2015

A casino night party is the perfect theme to get your guests excited to come and play a few hands of their favorite card games! If you don’t know where to start with decorating for a party with this theme, don’t worry! We have tons of ideas to get you inspired to host your very own casino night!


Lets talk about centerpieces! There are so many different ways you can go when you have a casino theme. Kara’s Party Ideas created this house of cards that is the perfect addition to any table! Also, you can glue the cards together so you won’t have to worry about it collapsing in the middle of your party!

Poker chips are a main staple when it comes to a casino night! Catch My Party filled up vases with poker chips, with some playing cards and created the perfect poker centerpiece! You could also add a few chocolate coins in with the poker chips to create a ‘sweet’ surprise for your guests!

Every Little Detail Event created a nice ambiance with these candle vases. Simply fill the bottom of the vase up with dice and stick a candle in the middle! This will create a nice ‘glow’ to your party and will also tie in the color theme of black, white and red.

Why not combine all three of these ideas and fill up a huge martini glass! Grab some poker chips, dice AND playing cards and you have a centerpiece that will be sure to impress your guests and get them ready to play! Catch My Party again utilized the black, white and red theme to tie everything together. casino+party+napkin+ringsWe have found two great ways to tie in your casino theme with playing cards! Indulge Party Blog made napkin rings out of playing cards and wrapped up silverware with red napkins. She also embellished the vases with cards and ribbon to complete the look. 

This DIY project from Oh My Creative is so easy that you’ll be done with it in no time! All you will need are playing cards, black ribbon, napkins and a hole punch! These napkin rings would look perfect around the dinner table!PlayingCardBanner-578x385

A casino party isn’t complete without a playing card garland! Paging Supermom creates this simple garland with some yarn, playing cards and a hot glue gun! This can be used to line tables or hang on the wall!B-1164

A fun photobooth will be sure to spark your guest’s interest! Grey Grey Designs features a large cardboard cut out King and Queen playing cards that will have everyone laughing and taking tons of photos to keep as mementos.


Are you having a hard time deciding on what type of cupcake topper you want to use? Catch My Party uses corners of playing cards to top their cupcakes! The red sprinkles and white frosting also works perfectly for the party theme! casino+party+favorsParty favors are a MUST! Indulge Party Blog bagged up delicious licorice by using playing cards and ribbon! They will be a fun treat to take home with you, to remind you of the fun and money you won at the party!DiceFavorsThese bags of dice are a fun take-away for guests! Paging Supermom went above and beyond by sewing the ziplock bags with fabric and even adding a little ’21’ tag! These will come in handy whenever a guest wants to host their very own casino party!

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to take a ‘gamble’ and throw you very own casino night party soon! We are sure that you and your guests will have a blast!


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